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Shanhe intelligent Postdoctoral Station starts Aeroengine Research

Shanhe intelligent Postdoctoral Station starts Aeroengine Research

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on the evening of December 2, the examination meeting of the joint training postdoctoral program of Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. - Central South University was held in the conference room of Shanhe intelligent technology center. Professor Deng Hua, the post doctoral cooperation tutor of Central South University, Ning Dengke, the director of the provincial post doctoral management office, Professor He Qinghua, the chairman of Shanhe intelligence, and Professor Chen Yugen of Central South University attended the meeting. Professor Zhu Jianxin presided over the opening examination meeting

the meeting unanimously elected Professor Deng Hua as the leader of the assessment team. With the title of "fatigue analysis of aviation heavy oil piston engine block under multiple fields", Dr. pan Zhongjian described the background, objectives, contents, research methods, technical routes, innovation points, schedule, etc. of the research project. The experts of the assessment team agreed that the topic selection of the research project has theoretical research significance and practical engineering application value, and the research method is reasonable, the technical route is feasible, and the schedule is appropriate. They agreed to start the topic

including fabrics and adhesives, chairman he Qinghua warmly welcomed all expert leaders and offered preferential conditions to visit gong03 and the Department of key tasks for guidance and exchange, highly recognized Dr. pan Zhongjian's topic selection, and hoped to effectively solve practical problems and apply the research results to practical work as soon as possible through post doctoral scientific research

Ning Dengke, director of the provincial postdoctoral management office, affirmed the achievements of Shanhe intelligent postdoctoral workstation and said that he would continue to vigorously support the introduction of talents and talents by enterprises in various ways, so as to provide a strong "talent" backing for the innovative development of enterprises

Shanhe intelligent has always been a model of industry university research cooperation in the industry. This time, attracting scientific research talents in Aeroengine will have a far-reaching impact on the talent introduction and scientific research level improvement of Shanhe intelligent aviation sector

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