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After the nirvana of the plastic machinery industry, it may usher in new development opportunities. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of various types of mechanical testing machines all year round.

the plastic and rubber machinery industry has insufficient market demand, serious overcapacity of medium and low-end products, and mainly relies on traditional products to participate in competition. Vicious competition intensifies, cost rigidity increases, economic benefits decline, and business operations become more severe. Recently, the trial production of 10000 ton waste tire environmental friendly renewable rubber equipment was successful. The equipment was independently developed by China Rubber resource recycling (Qingdao) Co., Ltd

all indicators of this set of domestic first continuous closed renewable rubber production line fully meet the requirements of national environmental protection and energy conservation. Guosuyan, general manager of the company, introduced that the closed continuous equipment can eliminate waste gas, waste liquid, reduce dust and noise, achieve cleaner production, and separate personnel, machinery and materials to achieve safe production. In particular, this has laid the foundation for mechanical automation and made it possible to make machinery intelligent

the intelligent program-controlled pretreatment system designed by the company can realize the continuous transportation of raw and auxiliary materials and oil, automatic and accurate measurement, and has the advantages of uniform mixing and better pre heating permeability, which provides a guarantee for the production of high-quality reclaimed rubber. In addition, its continuous regeneration equipment adopts the original flexible adaptive spiral structure. In the production process, the spiral can not only scrape off the rubber powder attached to the cylinder wall, but also make the rubber powder attached to the spiral fall off through its own axial displacement, effectively extending the continuous service time of the equipment

Wang Yangzu, former deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, pointed out that the equipment has greatly subverted the current situation of traditional reclaimed rubber production. In terms of intellectualization of production, such as whether the raw materials, reagents, electromechanical coils are burned out, and whether the contact of reversing switch is good, the goal of environmental protection and energy conservation should be fully realized. The next step should be formally put into production by rebuilding or building a new production line

since this year, although the stock market has sprung up, the downward trend of China's economy has become a foregone conclusion. After the domestic manufacturing industry experienced the capacity expansion cycle from 2002 to 2013, especially affected by the real estate regulation, contact person: Wang Qiaoting, the market demand was sluggish, and then the reaction conditions were optimized in the process of small and medium-sized trials. When there is a crisis, there are business opportunities. With the gradual implementation of the national economic policy and the promotion of a new round of investment boom, investment in all aspects also tends to be stable, and the trend of economic bottoming and recovery has appeared. It can be predicted that the economy of the plastic and rubber industry may show a slow recovery trend in the second half of the year

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