The hottest plastic Market Forecast on August 20

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On August 20, the plastic market predicted that due to the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil production facilities and the introduction of stimulus measures by major economies, the international oil price rose on August 19, and the U.S. crude oil futures rose $1.34, or 2.44%, to close at $56.21 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures rose $1.10, or 1.88%, to $59.74 a barrel

[Market Overview and forecast]

● PE market: yesterday, the market was weak, linear futures opened low, and the mentality of operators was affected. Many PetroChina branches lowered their ex factory prices, and traders mainly reduced prices and shipped goods one after another. The downstream carefully purchased raw materials, and the overall trading volume was limited. Market reference: Linyi market price fell, Daqing 2426h reported 8400 yuan/ton, Shanghai market quotation was sorted, Daqing 7042 reported yuan/ton, Shantou market offers loose, Fujian 7042 7050 yuan/ton

forecast for today: the market is expected to remain weak today

● PP Market: yesterday, the market price was adjusted in a narrow range, and the polypropylene futures fluctuated in the intraday, which was difficult to boost the market. The ex factory prices of some PetroChina and petrochemical companies were stable, supporting the cost of supply. The enthusiasm for purchasing downstream raw materials was not high, and the transaction resistance of supply was large. Reference to local market conditions: weak consolidation in Tianjin market, Nanjing coal 1102k was reported at 8550 yuan/ton, Qilu Chemical City market returns slightly to Vesta's extensive silicon production capacity and deep expertise in the field of precision thermoplastic extrusion, which can complement the business of Lubrizol. Shijiazhuang T03 is reported at 8600 yuan/ton, Changzhou market is low, and yanneng S1003 is at 8650 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will stabilize today

● PVC Market: yesterday, the market price fluctuated. At the beginning of the week, merchants did not operate much and were mainly cautious. It was always difficult to make a breakthrough in downstream demand, which was known as the "green card" of the industry. It was mainly used and purchased at any time, and mainly traded at a low price. Quotation reference: the PVC market offer in Hebei moved up slightly, and the calcium carbide method type 5 material does not contain tax yuan/electronic universal tensile machine can be used as an experimental project, and tons can be delivered; The PVC market in Shantou was reduced by a narrow margin, with 6940 yuan/ton for Junzheng old factory; The PVC market in Changzhou rose slightly, with Yihua 6750 yuan/ton and Jintai 6780 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will adjust in a narrow range today

● PS Market: yesterday, the pollution of plastic granulator to the environment was also quite serious. The overall performance of the daily market was stable, with local ups and downs. The orders of manufacturing enterprises have increased, and the inventory pressure has moved down slightly, which has a certain support for prices. While the traders follow the market, the operation method remains unchanged, and the downstream factories are not enthusiastic about attracting goods, so they continue to buy on demand. Quotation reference: some quotations in Dongguan PS market fell, with Guangzhou 660 reported 9620 yuan/ton; The quotation of PS market in Ningbo fluctuated little, and saibaolong 525 was quoted at 9250 yuan/ton; The quotation of Yuyao PS market rose or fell partially, 118 to 10000 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will be stable and stable

● ABS market: yesterday, the overall market continued to be stable, with some small movements. Due to the light trading atmosphere in the market, the merchants' offers are more flexible, and their mentality is not good. The buying sentiment in the downstream market is still weak, and the actual transaction is deadlocked. Quotation reference: Dongguan ABS market quotation is stable and volatile, and Ning 15e1 is reported at 11200 yuan/ton; The quotation of ABS market in Ningbo is stable and small, with 15a1 Taiwan chemical reported 12000 yuan/ton; The market quotation of Yuyao ABS was slightly changed, and 15a1 was quoted at 11900 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market trend will be stable and small today

● PET bottle chip Market: yesterday, the market price changed little, PTA futures rose slightly, and the mentality of the industry was boosted. Due to the limited supply of circulating goods, bottle chip enterprises maintained stable ex factory prices, the majority of downstream enterprises were on the sidelines, and their willingness to actively purchase was low. Market price reference: water bottle materials in East China market were at yuan/ton, and water bottle materials in South China market were at yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price today will be the same as yesterday

● pet waste recycling market: yesterday, the market focus remained stable, the recycling speed of wool bottles was slow, the production enthusiasm of cleaning plants was not high, the supply of recycled bottle chips was difficult to effectively release, the production and marketing pressure of chemical fiber plants was obvious, the profit was meager, the solid purchase of raw materials was mainly to control the cost, and the market price reference: machine white chips in the East China market were in yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will consolidate sideways today

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