The hottest plastic market environment is poor, an

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The plastic market environment is poor, and some enterprises are still growing rapidly

the handle sleeve cannot be loosened after the experiment. Although the overall market environment is poor, there is no lack of enterprises with rapid performance growth

starlinger released a new Lami Tec composite film production line at k exhibition, which is applied to tubular or planar fiber belts. It can automatically change reels at the maximum operating speed of 220 meters/minute, greatly accelerating the production speed

Sigrid Eder, marketing manager of starlinger, said that the company's performance was ideal. As early as July, orders were full, and the current orders will not be completed until next year. She said that countries in southern Africa such as Kenya and South Africa have great demand. Therefore, the company has just set up an office in Johannesburg, South Africa, this summer. In addition, Asia is as active as China and Indonesia

Quanbao Industry Co., Ltd. exhibited cpsb-lss12c linear all electric 12 mold hole high-speed PET bottle blowing machine, which can produce 18000 bottles per hour. The bottle blowing machine can be connected with filling, filling and capping functions for automatic production. The design concept of this bottle blowing machine is based on energy-saving, high-speed and flexible production. The power consumption is about 30% less than that of the traditional linear bottle blowing machine, which also determines the structure of the tensile testing machine, and the gas recovery device is listed as the standard configuration to reduce the gas consumption

Xie Shulin, general manager of Quanbao, predicts that the business will grow by 15% this year, which is in line with the target

gc heat Gebhard has released two new products, one is GC slide with new extrusion technology, and the other is explosion-proof GC cartex heating tube

Sven Gebhard, CEO of GC heat Gebhard, said, "we have designed a new fixing device for the hair rings, which can ensure that they are close to the nozzle and provide the best heat transfer effect for the hot runner system."

sven Gebhard is quite satisfied with the company's performance this year: "our brand has received more recognition, and the business development in Asia is particularly rapid." It is expected that there will also be satisfactory performance in 2014

erge has been the designated product of many European plastic machine manufacturers for this purpose. In the past five years, China Haitian Group's export machines have also used their heaters

heimo Messer, general manager of Erge, pointed out that K exhibition helps the company keep in touch with customers. This year, the business performance of the company is ideal, and the whole group has an increase of about 10%. He analyzed: "the current Chinese industry is similar to Europe in the 1980s, and the overall quality is rising. I estimate that in only ten years, China's industrial technology will catch up with the current European level."

Zhangjiagang Lianxin Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces injection blowers and demonstrates the energy-saving effect of its servo technology at k exhibition

hezhibin, general manager of Lianxin, said that this year, the domestic and foreign business was roughly flat, and the overall growth was about 10%. In terms of export, Lianxin is mainly sold to India, North and South America and Africa, especially the latter market is more active

tria company launched a new TF series products. The modified series has two rotor diameters and six models. The production speed is kg/h. It is suitable for hot forming and has the advantages of low noise, high performance and high reliability

Luciano anceschi, managing director of tria, revealed that exports accounted for more than 90% of the company's business, 65% of which were shipped to regions outside Europe. "This is a big advantage for the company, because the European economy is still weak." He explained. Tria's business growth this year is about 10% Luciano anceschi also said that he attached great importance to the Asian market and would have more development plans

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