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Plastic manufacturers use additives and mixing methods to expand the properties of biological resins

just as biological resins were concerned by the plastic industry because of their unique properties at the beginning, composite manufacturers and processors are now using additives or mixing them with other polymers to expand the properties of polylactic acid and other resins, thereby expanding the application fields of biological resins. FrostSullivanInc. Brianbalmer, head of the company's high-performance materials industry, said in an interview: "bioplastics are developing high-value high-performance engineering applications." "Through significant improvements in production processes and chemical processing, PLA - and polymers such as DuPont's Sorona and Arkema's Polyamide - are increasingly entering this field." Jimlunt of jimluntassociatiesllc, based in wayzata, Minnesota, agreed. "People are trying to mix biological resins with other polymers to broaden the performance range of biological resins."

some other examples are listed below:

rtpco in Winona, Minnesota, USA The company has developed a variety of special bioplastics compounds for automotive interiors, industrial parts applications with an annual planned investment of 15.1 billion yuan, semi durable consumer goods, and shells and covers of electronic or commercial equipment. Six of these compounds were mixed with other polymers with% PLA. In addition, RTP also introduced three polyamides with a biological content of% and four polyester resins with a biological content of%

BASF's ecoviofs paper and ecoviofs shrink storer said that the film - a mixture of BASF's starch based ecoflex and PLA - is specially used for the coating of paper cups and shrink films. d. The company is developing its corn based PHBV and PLA hybrid materials, which are suitable for packaging, film, household products and disposable products

Balmer from frost Sullivan, who recently published the "global bio based plastic market" report, said: "this move will open up new application fields for such polymers, such as automobiles, electronics and consumer goods, and provide an indispensable driving force for the market in terms of investment, human and technological solutions."

the development of biodegradable products based on biological resins is also very active. For example, plasticinllc, based in Carrollton, Texas, and heritagebagco are predicting that the joint venture's EBITDA pre Exceptionals within its regular business scope will reach 24 (2) 5% The company cooperates to develop a compostable garbage bag based on biopolymer. Both parties are now considering adopting metabolixinc The company's method of mixing mirel brand bioplastics with other biopolymers and calcium carbonate

frankruiz, President of plasticim and R & D consultant of heritage, said, "to develop applicable compostable garbage bags, different compostable reifenhuser extrusion technologies will need to be mixed together, with special emphasis on energy, power, reliability, protection and maintenance, operation and design and functional role fertilizer polymers." Ruiz spoke at the conference on emerging trends in plastic packaging held in Atlanta, USA, hosted by jimluntassociates and innoplastsolutions

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