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Plastic machinery is popular in Kyrgyzstan

Wang Zhifu, chairman of Tangshan Zhifu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., didn't expect that on the first day their products were transported to Bishkek, Kyrgyz merchants ordered glazed tile equipment worth 55000 dollars, waste plastic recycling equipment and shredder equipment, which strengthened his confidence in developing in Kyrgyzstan

"now many Central Asian merchants come to our Xinjiang branch to purchase products, and Zifu plastic machinery has become a little famous in Central Asia." Wang Zhifu said. When you go to any supermarket in Bishkek, beverages and drinks are the most diverse commodities in the supermarket. Most of the fruit juice drinks here are produced by Kyrgyzstan, such as peach juice, apple juice, etc. they have a strong taste, and the packaging is basically big 7: paper packaging bags with specifications after the sample is broken, and small bottles of fruit juice drinks packaged in plastic bottles are rarely seen. However, purified water, soda water and Coca Cola are mostly packed in plastic bottles, with relatively single shapes and specifications of 500 ml and 1000 ml. In addition to beverages, other plastic packaging products sold by Kyrgyzstan supermarkets are very few, and they mainly come from China

machinery manufacturing industry is still a blank in Central Asian countries. However, as an important artery supporting the national economic development, the industrial industry has shown great vitality under the promotion of social demand. Wang Zhifu said that the company's branch in Xinjiang basically has Central Asian merchants coming to see the goods every day. Most of them used to be middlemen, but now they are directly end customers. At present, their products have been sold to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other countries

in addition, current Central Asian merchants prefer to purchase goods directly from manufacturers rather than through intermediaries, which can save a lot of costs. With this alone, as a production-oriented enterprise, the products of Tangshan Zhifu plastic machinery company have been favored by Central Asian merchants

4. Magnification of force: × In order to seize business opportunities, in the past two years, Fortune plastic machinery company has improved the popularity of its products by participating in various exhibitions, erecting billboards in border hotels, and advertising on radio stations. Kazakhstan has the strongest purchasing ability among Central Asian countries. In order to explore Kazakhstan's market, Wang Zhifu visited Kazakhstan three times, but for various reasons, he decided to give up investing in Kazakhstan and turn to Kyrgyzstan

from Tangshan to Xinjiang, and then to Central Asian countries, Tangshan Zhifu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has achieved the strategic goal of moving westward step by step. Now, the company has invested 27million yuan in Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone to build a production plant producing drip irrigation equipment for agricultural water saving, waste plastic recycling equipment, various plastic machinery and equipment and plastic pipe equipment. The products are mainly supplied to the new planned land of about 60 mu in Xinjiang market and Asian countries with 3-phase and 4-wire power supply

source: Xinjiang Economic News

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