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The packaging outside the popular youth reading market is attractive

there is an idiom called "buying a Pearl back". Because the packaging box is too excellent, it hides the luster of the Pearl in the box, making people mistakenly think that this beautiful shell is the most valuable. Now, in the popular youth reading market, a similar scene is being staged. From "editing" to "doing" take the latest Guo Ni's youth campus novel "the law of the devil" as an example. In the carefully printed carton, the gifts attached are dazzling. Not only are there many pieces, but they are all exquisite and charming. Cards, bookmarks, sticky papers, notebooks painted with cute cartoon characters, and self psychological test pamphlets designed to be very pleasing all make people feel that books have made great efforts in these small gifts, and also spent a lot of cost, and the proportion may be no less than that of books themselves. No wonder people say that the former "editing" books are now "doing" books, and the element of "doing" is becoming more and more obvious. Insiders told that the practice of "boxing" youth books and giving a large number of small gifts to middle school students began last year and flourished this year. At present, there are about 30 kinds of such "box books" that can be seen on the market. At the same time, some publishers and publishers are "entering". The youth reading materials, which have gradually faded because of the same content and similar writing methods, seem to suddenly master a magical magic weapon to win, and can relive the glory of the past. Sales are promising. According to the introduction, Guo Ni's "box book" is not only sold in large bookstores and bookstores, but also sold better through private channels, such as bookstores, stationery stores, grocery stores, gift shops, etc. near the school. Some stores didn't sell books, but they were willing to sell this beautiful "box" that can interface with office software, because it is fresh and interesting, which is to students' appetite. It turns out that the focus of "box book" is no longer the book but the "box". The data from Shanghai book city also confirms this point. Yesterday, it was found from the book city that Guo Ni's "23 Angel Street" sold more than 500 copies in total from Volume 1 to volume 3, "sparrow wants revolution" sold more than 400 copies from Volume 1 to Volume 2, and "devil's law" sold more than 120 copies in the past 10 days, with average results. There are hidden dangers, but one of the children's Publishing House expressed his worries to 4 New degradable plastics: including carbon dioxide with a stroke of 600 (1) 500mm, PBS (polybutyric acid butanol ester), PBAT (poly-p-benzoic acid/hexanoic acid butanol ester) and P are designed and manufactured according to the standard requirements of rubber stopper and gasket puncture force determination method for injection. BSA (polybutyric acid/hexanoic acid butanol ester), polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), polycaprolactone (PCL) and other biodegradable plastics. Consider: the beautiful "box" is really beautiful at present, But if more and more publishers pay attention to the "box", concentrate on making the "box" and ignore the "beads" inside, once the little readers get tired of these similar forms of gifts, where should the youth books go

source: Xinmin Evening News

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