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Nine Dragons four bases rose by 100 yuan/ton. Is the price rise of base paper coming

release date: Source: Huayin carton color box

here he is! Here he is! Brother Nine Dragons has raised the price. Since Chongqing nine dragons announced the price rise of base paper on September 19, the whole packaging raw material market has been in turmoil. In the waiting of many packaging enterprises who are uneasy and have the ability to control according to the preset, the price rise news of a larger area has come

Nine Dragons Dongguan, Taicang, Tianjin, Chongqing base raised the price of whiteboard

"packaging industry alliance" news: on September 22, Dongguan Nine Dragons announced the latest price increase plan, and Dilong, nine dragons, Hailong, Jianglong grey bottom white all increased by 100/ton, which will be implemented tomorrow (23rd)

the detailed price increase plan of Dongguan Nine Dragons is as follows:

Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. normally produces whiteboard, with an increase of 100/ton on the 23rd. Before the price adjustment, the ex factory telegraphic transfer of 230g Dilong gray bottom whiteboard paper with tax included reference prices of 4480/ton, 250g4380/ton, 300g4280/ton, g4180/ton; 250g Hailong grey bottom white board paper 4680/ton; 250g Nine Dragons grey bottom whiteboard 4980/ton; 240g Jianglong grey bottom white board paper 4280/ton. Plate cutting and adding/ton, real order and real talk

in addition, Chongqing nine dragons, Taicang nine dragons and Tianjin Nine Dragons released price increase plans at the same time, and the four bases raised prices at the same time, with great momentum

at the beginning of September, there was a wave of rise in the paper market. Dozens of small and medium-sized paper mills in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and other regions announced price increases of/ton. Downstream cardboard prices are also rising sharply, and many cardboard factories in Zhejiang, Anhui and other provinces and cities have joined the price increase camp. However, as time entered the middle of the year, the rise in paper and paperboard prices weakened and gradually recovered. However, some regions have also sent letters of cardboard price increases intermittently

with the increase of nine dragons, the price rise of base paper has become a fixed trend. Under the pressure of the price rise of upstream base paper, the price rise of paperboard factories is almost inevitable. This time, nine dragons created such a huge price rise momentum in the whiteboard market, does it mark that a comprehensive price rise tide is coming

the difference between the current price of white paperboard and that of white paperboard is more than 2000/ton, and there is room for continued price rise.

for the major paper enterprises, zhuochuang information analyst Xu Ling told golden securities that at present, the concentration of the coated paper industry is high, and the market share of the top four leading enterprises is as high as 89%. If paper enterprises uniformly raise prices, downstream customers are relatively easy to accept. In addition, in terms of upstream raw materials, imported wood pulp reported an increase of US $/ton, which also gave paper enterprises a bit of confidence

as for white paperboard, its downstream demand is stable. Especially recently, the new national "plastic limit order" was issued and the new "solid waste law" was implemented. White paperboard has been accused of meeting huge incremental market space and has always been the "vanguard" of price rise

"gold securities" learned that as soon as the letter of price increase of the paper mill fell, the market price of dealers has also increased, with a range of/ton

in addition, according to the "paper industry internal reference", in terms of the amount of price increase, compared with the single 500/ton increase of white cardboard, the current round of white cardboard only increased by 100/ton. This is smaller than that of white paperboard, and the current price of white paperboard has been more than 2000/ton different from that of white paperboard, so there is room for further price increase

moreover, the equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators encounter great business opportunities. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. Most of the paper-making enterprises listed in the demolition plan before the end of the year in Fuyang City have been shut down. At present, there are only three left. We have carried out routine utilization control experiments on fly ash in PVC, PP, PE and other products in production, and the output of whiteboard will be reduced

will the price of base paper continue to soar next? Closely related to five factors,

and the news of Nine Dragons' price rise of 100 triggered a rise in the price of cardboard. According to the analysis of Mr. Pan of "carton theory", in the face of the coming double 11 and the traditional peak season, the next price trend of base paper and paperboard is closely related to five factors

1. Arrival volume of imported paper. At present, there are basically two patterns of imported paper: one is the self-supporting organization of large paperboard factories to import through channels; Second, small paperboard factories import from paper traders. The imported paper is mainly Japanese paper, Ukrainian paper, Turkish paper, Indian paper and Southeast Asian paper. The proportion of real American and Australian kraft paper is not large. The further diversification and long-term expansion of base paper import channels still have a certain resistance to domestic paper mills

2. Coal to gas conversion in major paper mills in Dongguan. The equipment and commissioning of coal to gas conversion have been basically in place. It is only necessary to wait for the time to convert coal to gas immediately. However, this round of coal to gas conversion is only limited to Dongguan, so is it the direct cost increase that is transferred to the downstream, or the internal consumption that is transferred to the market

all transfers will not lead to the paper attack of Guangxi, Fujian and Hubei on the South China market (the freight cost in these places is basically within 300, and there is a price difference of 100 compared with the price increase cost of coal to gas of 400)? Partial conversion will consume the profits of the paper mill. Can the paper mill accept it

3. Paper mill downtime and inventory reduction. At present, it is reported that many paper mills will shut down in October. In addition, there is room for slow turnover in the inventory of some large mills. Will there be room for the subsequent continuous price rise

4. Duration of peak season. 10. Due to the double influence of the double 11 e-commerce demand and the traditional peak season in November, the market demand increased, the trading atmosphere was active, and an appropriate price increase was inevitable, but the demand in the next December and January next year would fall again. Is the rising price support enough

5. The national waste market is in the doldrums. Different from the bullish trend of base paper, the price of domestic waste has been dull and inactive for a while, and the range, scale and manufacturers of the rise and fall are very narrow. Can it be understood that the paper mills are not very sure about the price rise of the back market

the above five factors will interweave and affect the overall price trend. At the same time, different economic forms in different regions will also show different performances. Next, it is difficult to judge whether the base paper continues to soar or increases periodically or regional adjustments

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