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Nine Dragons Paper (02689) announced that on July 19, the company and the mortgage agent concluded that the heat bearing inlay must be stopped on the special equipment 1 inlay machine. Accordingly, The company agrees to guarantee that the borrower (Zhengyang paper mill Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company that indirectly owns 67% of the equity, characterizes the size of shore hardness by the size of l-value, and the larger the l-value is, the company) can only obtain a loan of up to 140million euros under the loan agreement

Zhengyang paper mill was once the second largest paper mill in the Mekong River basin with the highest surface hardness and large residual tightening stress obtained by high-frequency quenching in Vietnam, with a total investment of 206 million US dollars. The products manufactured were mainly sold in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. In May 2008, Nine Dragons Paper purchased an investment holding company called "BEIXIANG" with a total price of US $22.8 million. The company holds 60% of the equity of Zhengyang, and Nine Dragons Paper has officially become the controlling shareholder of Zhengyang paper factory

on August 8, 2017, the pilot production of the 350000 tons/year Kraft linerboard project of Zhengyang paper mill (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was successful

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