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Nine Dragons Paper: there was still no positive response

Nine Dragons Paper closed at HK $8.09 yesterday, down 0.736% from the previous trading day. Caitiekang, an analyst at Kaiji securities in Hong Kong, said in an interview with the daily economy that since Hong Kong has not received the news about the sweatshop of Nine Dragons Paper, the market is not very volatile. However, it is expected that if the news is exposed, the possibility that the share price will continue to fall will not be ruled out, and the news will not pose a fatal threat, but it is believed that the management will make improvement plans as soon as possible to save the situation

with regard to the exposure of the sweatshop, the relevant personnel of Nine Dragons Paper's public relations Hong Kong Haotian public relations Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. told that they had heard about the matter many days ago and were currently waiting for a formal response after nine dragons' investigation. Nine Dragons Paper said that the top management of the company were on business trips and did not understand the situation

and Nine Dragons Paper's attitude is also a little ambiguous. The company's management, who readily invited open and covert visits the night before yesterday, also repeatedly blocked access to the plant and refused to answer questions

Dongguan Trade Union: surprised

yesterday afternoon, I connected with Dongguan trade union. A staff member surnamed Xie from the trade union rights and interests protection department was surprised to learn that workers can only rest a few days a year, or even all year round. He recorded the problems reflected one by one

he said that there were many complaints, but none of Nine Dragons Paper. Are the workers of Nine Dragons still unaware of this reflection channel? He expressed his wonder. He said that he hoped that the media would report more, so that communication would be much smoother

scene Hong Kong

sacom: investors should put pressure on Nine Dragons

sacom spokesperson yesterday gave an exclusive interview to this newspaper in Hong Kong, saying that it was exposed that nine dragons had no interest disputes

yesterday, several members of SACOM office in Hong Kong were drafting a letter of advice to the main investors of Nine Dragons Paper, suggesting them to put pressure on Nine Dragons Paper to improve working conditions

one shocking report after another has not only attracted the attention of the media, but also frequently received warning letters from the surveyed enterprises. At 3 p.m. yesterday, SACOM spokesman Qiu Zihui accepted an exclusive interview with the daily economy. 14. Remove the damage sample

why expose sweatshops

we can't see the purpose of light

in Hong Kong with a high temperature of nearly 30 ℃, in a residential house with only half the rent of the same office building, SACOM office suffered a power outage. Organization members from all over the country are discussing the next step in Cantonese in the living room, and three full-time staff are sorting out the recent investigation report

after graduation from University, I worked in SACOM, and I watched this team grow up. Qiu Zihui, 25, graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2005. Studying art, she resolutely chose this volunteer job, which is mainly due to her experience working in the student union during the University

there are many similar non-governmental organizations in Hong Kong, but we are the only college student group and the only one to look at labor problems in the mainland from the perspective of consumers. It is reported that the permanent members of the team are mainly more than 50 teachers and students from eight universities in Hong Kong. Our consulting team is composed of experts from all over the world, scholars with in-depth research in professional fields, and our partner is a European labor survey agency. Is there any conflict of interest in this exposure of nine dragons? Qiu Zihui revealed that SACOM's fund sponsor was a European charity, and it was exposed that Zhang Yin had no interest appeal and no ulterior purpose

why are you eyeing Zhang Yin

stems from doubts about Zhang Yin's remarks

on April 12, the report "mainland sweatshops of Hong Kong listed enterprises in the first quarter of 2008" was released after two months. On the third day, more than a dozen members of SACOM went to the office of Nine Dragons Paper in Sun Hung Kai Center, Wanchai, Hong Kong to protest, but they did not see Zhang Yin himself, and the staff of the company did not make a positive response

why are you eyeing Nine Dragons Paper? Qiu Zihui said that there were countless investigations in which she participated in the experiment and the force range was relatively large. The reason why she paid special attention to Nine Dragons Paper this time and made an in-depth investigation was that Zhang Yin's remarks during the national two sessions aroused many speculations: is the boss who can express that he does not support the labor contract law more demanding in terms of employment

we live in Dongguan and investigate the workers in the form of questionnaires, including those who are in service and those who have left. When they accept our survey, they appear very afraid of being dismissed from the factory. Qiu Zihui said that the employment link of Nine Dragons Paper is not only strict, but also demanding

what if nine dragons don't cooperate

insist on protesting and make positive contact with Zhang Yin

they think the facts we investigated are inconsistent, so I want college students all over the country to go to Nine Dragons Paper to see if there is any illegal employment problem. Qiu Zihui said that the protest against nine dragons paper will continue and that she will have a positive contact with Zhang Yin

it is worth mentioning that SACOM also required Nine Dragons Paper to immediately publish the data and details of its industrial accidents, improve the safety and health conditions of workers, and sign labor contracts with workers in accordance with the law. SACOM also proposed that individuals and institutions should put pressure on the enterprise by selling and refusing to buy nine dragons' shares until the conditions of workers are improved

talking about whether she is afraid of being threatened by enterprises, Qiu Zihui said that she represents not only the college students in Hong Kong, but the college students in China as a whole. Qiu Zihui said that if the pressure exerted by consumers is large enough, the improvement of the employment environment is just around the corner

who will be investigated next

Disney's suppliers in the mainland

in addition to Nine Dragons Paper, Qiu Zihui revealed that he would also investigate the labor situation of Disney's suppliers in China in the near future. Among the five Hong Kong funded enterprises disclosed in this report, Hongxing printing factory is one of the manufacturers of Disney

it is reported that in 2005, SACOM has published a report on Baosteel's advanced experience in green development in a column of economic daily. After that, the industrial injury situation in Hongxing plant has been greatly improved, but this year SACOM received another complaint from the workers of the plant

In 2005, SACOM began to investigate toy factories in mainland China. In June, 2006, he went to the Pearl River Delta again to investigate a number of Disney authorized manufacturers, including Shenzhen Huangxing light industrial products factory. That year, Disney stopped issuing orders to Huangxing factory, which closed down. It is rumored that an investigation report closed a factory

in February 2007, SACOM continued to investigate Shenzhen Haowei factory, another supplier of Disney, and found that there were many problems in the factory in terms of employee wages, production management, production environment and overtime system

Disney has many suppliers in the mainland. We will investigate the household women group one by one in the next time. Qiu Zihui's dream is to let Disney increase the transparency of corporate society, disclose the name and address of manufacturers, and accept consumer investigation and supervision

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