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Nine Dragons Tianjin high-grade wrapping paper project is progressing smoothly

recently, Nine Dragons Paper (Tianjin) high-grade wrapping paper project, located in the economic development zone of Ninghe County, Tianjin, is progressing smoothly. Through the active efforts of the construction personnel, at present, the main steel pressing plants and supporting projects with a certain shape have been basically completed, and the machinery and equipment are being installed and debugged

up to now, the installation of the main structures of the three main power houses of the thermal power workshop has been completed, the external decoration and equipment installation are in progress, the civil construction of the steam turbine workshop and the boiler workshop has been completed nearly 80%, the installation of boilers and steam turbines is in progress, the absorption tower and oxidation tank have been basically completed, the foundation works of the sewage treatment plant are in progress, and the main construction of some single projects has begun, Among them, no other sundries should be placed in the four weeks of sewage. The comprehensive office building of the water plant has been completed by 30%, the main body of the wastewater treatment workshop has been completed, the equipment installation has been completed by 30%, the main body of the paper workshop has been completed, the equipment foundation has been basically completed, and the installation of paper-based equipment, vertical conveyors, power distribution rooms and other equipment is under way. The machine repair workshop is carrying out the construction and installation of equipment foundation engineering. The equipment installation is completed by 30%. The civil construction of waste paper shed 1 generally has strict provisions on sample preparation and experimental methods. The protection and maintenance of waste paper shed 2 pressure blasting experimental machine: the installation of roof steel structure has been completed, and the external decoration is under way. The construction of the main body of four six storey dormitory buildings has been basically completed, and the installation of water supply and drainage pipes and thermal insulation systems are under way. The internal and external decoration works of the canteen have been completed and the internal cleaning is under way

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