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Nine Dragons postponed the press conference again and will hold it on May 7. Nine Dragons Paper will hold a media conference at the headquarters of Nine Dragons Paper in may7,2008 at 10 a.m

at noon on April 28, Nine Dragons Paper called Yi Caijing and sent an invitation to the media conference. Nine Dragons Paper will hold a media conference at the headquarters of Nine Dragons Paper in may7,2008 at 10 a.m

Nine Dragons' press conference has been postponed many times. The press conference originally scheduled for April 22 was rejected because the chairman (Ms. Zhang Yin) was unable to schedule a roadshow abroad. On April 25, kongxianghong, vice chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Labor Union, said when accepting the connection of e-finance that nine dragons paper would hold a press conference before 5.1. Today, Nine Dragons Paper sent an invitation letter, which said that considering that may day was approaching, this was a holiday for the majority of workers, so it was inconvenient to disturb all media friends, and the press conference was postponed again

attachment: a letter from Nine Dragons Paper to media friends

Dear media friends:

thank you very much for your attention to Nine Dragons Paper over the years. The overseas holdings of the enterprise are collectively referred to as wood plastic composites, and their continued development is inseparable from your support and help

as the chairman of the company, I am deeply saddened by the reports on Nine Dragons made by some media some time ago. In the face of misunderstandings, it happens that I am overseas and busy with official business, and it is difficult to respond to all media friends in time. I apologize for this

as a negative enterprise, on the premise of ensuring the stable development of the enterprise, ensuring the production and life of nearly 10000 employees, and protecting the stable return of many investors, we are willing to sincerely answer the questions of the media and present the facts to all sectors of society

considering that may day is approaching, which is a holiday for the majority of workers, it is inconvenient to disturb all media friends. Therefore, we are scheduled to hold a media conference at Jiulong paper headquarters in Mayong Town, Dongguan, Guangdong at 10 a.m. on May 7, 2008

at that time, we will make a detailed explanation of the relevant situation. We sincerely welcome all media friends to come to the press conference in person to have a sincere exchange, and let the facts speak through your on-site investigation

finally, I wish you all a happy holiday

Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

then Zhang Yin

on April 28, 2008

cause of the event:

Nine Dragons Paper under Zhang Yin was accused of sweatshops

from March to April 2008, SACOM and Hong Kong University Student investigators went to Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places to investigate for many times, targeting Hong Kong funded factories. In this survey, Nine Dragons Paper led the blood data failure attack, the stress received was far lower than the maximum tensile strength of the data, and the sweat factory surfaced

provincial trade union statement:

Provincial Federation of trade unions to talk about PK Zhang Yin: Nine Dragons is not a sweatshop

yesterday, Yi Caijing had a dialogue with Mr. Kong Xianghong, vice chairman of Guangdong Federation of trade unions, on the Nine Dragons incident. Kongxianghong said that he was highly concerned about this issue. He believed that the treatment of Nine Dragons Paper was far from being a sweatshop. Therefore,

Nine Dragons' reaction:

Nine Dragons was exposed to sweatshop. The Secretary responded: they are hyping

Mr. Zhao, the Secretary of Zhang Yin, responded to the report of the Hong Kong Student Union, saying: they want to hype. We welcome to visit our factory. We can make an open and covert visit. There will never be anything in the report

Zhang Yin held an emergency meeting to appease the employees to recycle the employee handbook

according to the workers of nine dragons, our report on Nine Dragons' exposed sweatshop has formed a strong response among the workers of nine dragons

at the same time, nine dragons' senior management also had a great response recently: on the 17th, nine dragons asked all employees to return the employee handbook to the company on the 18th, on the grounds that a new employee handbook would be issued. Those who don't pay will be punished by 100 yuan per copy, and now the deadline will be postponed to the 21st, the employee said

Zhang Yin is busy selling bonds and canceling the meeting

Zhang Yin and her senior management team are on a road show abroad, planning to sell priority notes and raise funds to buy and build paper machines. Some institutions and securities analysts pointed out that due to the employment problem, Zhang Yin's financing will be affected

Hong Kong student response:

Hong Kong student response: we didn't hype that Zhang Yin should stand up

Mr. Liang Boneng, the main participants in the report on mainland sweatshops of Hong Kong listed enterprises, and Zhou Cheng had an exclusive interview. In response to Zhang Yin's secretary Mr. Zhao's question that they were hyping in a media interview a few days ago, Liang Boneng responded that this was not hype, but fact. If nine dragons felt that what we said was not true, it should stand up and say, don't blame this is not true

Hong Kong organization positive PK Zhang Yin: sweatshops are not slandering

the chairman of Hong Kong SACOM. Liang Boneng, a doctoral student at the Hong Kong University of science and technology, said that I hope Ms. Zhang Yin can have the courage to respond positively to the questions raised in our investigation report. The Guangdong Federation of trade unions said: we have some evidence that they are systematically slandering mainland enterprises

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