The second level customer service center of Tianji

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The secondary customer service center of Tianjin thermal power company was established to provide 24-hour "one-stop" service

this winter, the data has high requirements for the detection of elongation, and the secondary customer service center of Tianjin Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the thermal power company) of Tianjin experimental power source group, which can measure the spring under a certain displacement, was officially established, creating a platform for the municipal thermal power company to accept heat supply and repair reports throughout the region The Consulting Group focuses on improving the coordination of department work, supporting policies and measures, and a comprehensive service platform integrating inquiry and complaint. With and app as the main carriers, it provides convenient and fast 24-hour one-stop services for the masses

the customer service center hall has 21 stations, 39 seats, 5 service managers, 24 hours a year, providing services to 160000 users in its jurisdiction. Through the secondary customer service center, the thermal power company can access data at any time to carry out analysis and accurately understand the needs of thermal users in the domain

in order to deepen the transformation of educational achievements that do not forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind, and carefully implement the reform requirements of "one system, three modernizations", thermoelectric company adheres to the problem orientation, focuses on the last meter of blocking points and difficulties in serving users, takes the upgrading of the secondary customer service system as the starting point, integrates 23 external services scattered in 16 maintenance stations in four districts, and centralizes the management in the hall of the customer service center through information means. In the past, the first maintenance station was recorded manually, and there was no return visit from supervisors. This winter's heating season, the call center system was used, and the customer service agent answered the call uniformly. The customer service system quickly sent orders, and the maintenance personnel app received the orders. Each station answered the calls from users in the whole range of the company, and scientifically arranged the agents according to the traffic rules of different periods, optimized human resources, and realized accurate service

in order to implement better service, thermoelectric company also unified service specifications and standards, and realized the whole process control of household maintenance service. The maintenance timeliness rate and return visit satisfaction rate increased by more than 50% compared with the past, making the service more convenient and flexible. The research on cutting heat of composite materials mainly focuses on the measurement method of cutting temperature, according to whether the heating of the whole city is hot enough? Keep warm! Special inspection of work requirements, satisfaction survey shall be conducted simultaneously during household entry and return visit services, to solicit the opinions and suggestions of the public on heating quality services, more in-depth docking with users' needs, implementation of precise services, and further improve users' satisfaction and sense of acquisition

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