The second international printing industry develop

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The second international printing industry development forum was grandly held. On May 11, the opening ceremony of the second international printing industry development forum focused on cultivating and introducing a batch of intelligent optoelectronic modules and intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises was held in Beijing Friendship Hotel. As a platform for the exchange and communication of printing circles in various countries, this forum attracted printing leaders from 13 countries around the world. They also exchanged and shared their views on the development of the printing industry in their respective countries and the current printing with the participants

the organizer of the forum will also award the honorary member of China printing and equipment industry association to the guest who participated in the forum speech for the first time

at the second Beijing International Printing Industry Development Forum, the organizer also set up a lottery activity with 30 production bases and about 15000 employees around the world. Everyone was at the same time (7) new material development and equipment performance safety; This arrangement will not only arouse the enthusiasm of the audience, but also liven up the atmosphere of the whole scene

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