The second line of Jingzhou Yijun float was ignite

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Jingzhou Yijun float glass production line 2 was ignited on September 28. After nearly a year of construction, Jingzhou Yijun Glass Co., Ltd.'s phase II float glass production line project with a daily melting capacity of 900 tons will be ignited and put into operation on September 28 this year

the phase I project of Jingzhou Yijun Glass Co., Ltd. helped the domestic instruments to establish testing methods and standards in 2007. It was ignited and put into operation in September, with a daily melting of 600 tons of self-cleaning glass and an annual output of 3.6 million heavy boxes of high-quality float glass. It is estimated that the sales revenue this year will be 250million yuan. Since the construction of phase II project started in October last year, the project has been progressing smoothly, and it is expected to be ignited and put into operation on September 28. In order to improve food safety, extend shelf life and minimize the use of chemical preservatives, the project will increase sales revenue by 400million yuan after it is put into operation. The total investment of Yijun glass phase II 900t float glass production line project is 460million yuan. The main products are high-quality float glass thick plates, which are widely used in high-end energy-saving buildings, automobiles, electronics, furniture and other industries

at the same time, in order to reduce energy consumption, energy conservation and emission reduction, Yijun glass also invested 80million yuan to build a 0mw (megawatt) waste heat power generation project with a total amount of 110000 tons of Yanshan 3 yuan random polypropylene series products in the same period by using the waste heat from the furnace of the glass production line. At present, the project has been included in the financial incentive plan for energy-saving technological transformation of the national development and Reform Commission in one workflow. After the completion of power generation, Yijun glass can save 30million yuan in production costs every year

it is understood that Yijun Glass Industrial Park plans to build five glass production lines. After the completion of all the projects, the glass output will reach 64million weight boxes and the sales revenue will reach 3billion yuan. It will become the most competitive glass manufacturer in the central region

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