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The second inner Mongolia (spring) Agricultural Machinery Exposition in 2021 was held in Bayannur City today through the full implementation of the innovation and development project. The second inner Mongolia (spring) Agricultural Machinery Exposition in 2021 was held in Bayannur City today, The second inner Mongolia (spring) Agricultural Machinery Expo in 2021, which attracted much attention, was grandly opened in the wuyucheng Convention and Exhibition Center of Bayannur City

this agricultural machinery exhibition is jointly sponsored by the economic development and Research Promotion Association of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Bayannur agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Bayannur agriculture and animal husbandry machinery industry association, CO organized by Bayannur industry and Information Bureau, and undertaken by Inner Mongolia Dongzhao exhibition planning Co., Ltd

the leading guests attending the opening ceremony of today's agricultural machinery exhibition are: the economic development and Research Promotion Association of the autonomous region, Bayannaoer Municipal People's government, Bayannaoer Municipal Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry, Bayannaoer Agricultural Machinery Association, major agricultural machinery distribution companies in Bayannaoer City, as well as relevant leaders of the agriculture, animal husbandry and science and technology bureaus of all banners and counties in Bayannaoer City, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, large farmers and farmers, economic experts and scholars inside and outside the region Enterprises, institutions, merchants, and friends of the media

1. Scientific epidemic prevention, accurate implementation of policies, safe, efficient and orderly mobilization

during the special period, the organizing committee has always made safe exhibition as the top priority, and formulated a detailed and perfect epidemic prevention and control plan before the meeting. At the exhibition site, strictly implement the admission health inspection. Enter the site according to the health code of admission check - wearing masks for temperature measurement - brushing ID cards with real names - pre registration and confirmation, and plan multiple entrances and exits to improve the field efficiency of iron content difference of samples taken at different intervals and avoid people getting together. Optimize the layout of the exhibition area, expand the channel spacing of the exhibition area, reduce the personnel density, and comprehensively ensure the safety of admission personnel and the order of the venue

2. Brand convergence, scale upgrading, cultivation, collection and storage, and everything available

at this conference, e expressed that more than 300 agricultural machinery brands, such as Case New Holland, krass, johndier, Sinomach, China Yituo, Lovol heavy industry, Xinjiang Musen, Changzhou Dongfeng, Jiufang Taihe, Dalian rainforest, Ningxia new Volkswagen, Tai'an yimeite, etc., made a centralized appearance and displayed more than 1000 kinds of agricultural machinery products, More than 20 distribution enterprises, including Lingda agricultural machinery, xinhenglida agricultural machinery, litongfa agricultural machinery, Yucheng agricultural machinery and Wofeng agricultural machinery, also actively participated in the exhibition arrangement and Exhibition demonstration, attracting more than 15000 distribution agents, large growers and Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives to exchange and negotiate and look for business opportunities

3. The number of visitors and the professionalism of the visitors to this agricultural machinery exhibition are at a high level in the industry. Many exhibitors have reached intentional transactions and on-site orders, especially large-scale machinery such as high-power tractors, silage harvesters, straw balers and overturning ploughs. Most manufacturers have carried out profit sharing promotional activities on the site, Other businesses have given large gift packages for ordering machines, so that users who come to the exhibition can really enjoy the benefits from the agricultural machinery exhibition

As a major agricultural and animal husbandry City, Bayannur City has a cultivated land area of more than 11 million mu. It is an important production, processing, service and export base of agricultural and livestock products in the autonomous region. The successful holding of the agricultural machinery exhibition will build a convenient supply and demand platform for farmers and herdsmen and agricultural machinery production and distribution enterprises, so that farmers and herdsmen can see and experience the operation efficiency and effect of large-scale advanced agricultural machinery equipment, improve their awareness and acceptance, comprehensively improve the production environment of farmers and herdsmen, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and accelerate the modernization process of agriculture and animal husbandry; The agricultural machinery exhibition will also further enhance the urban influence of Bayannaoer City, and is an important step for the public brands of Tiantian Hetao and the world's shared regions to go global. The holding of the agricultural machinery exhibition will certainly boost the talent Hetao and the world's shared brand, thus driving the development of high-quality agricultural products in Bayannur City and realizing the transformation and upgrading of Bayannur's economy again

this agricultural machinery exhibition will last for three days. From March 10 to 12, farmers and herdsmen and businessmen from all walks of life who need to buy agricultural machinery are welcome to visit the exhibition site at any time. The reshuffle of premium income of large screen insurance companies in 2021 Inner Mongolia spring agricultural machinery exhibition has begun. We are waiting for you

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