The second most popular 2006 China top ten cigaret

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On May 26-28, the 2007 Seminar on the latest development trend of China's tobacco industry was held in Beijing. At the same time, the award ceremony for the second 2006 China's top 10 tobacco labels was held. The expert judges focused on brand culture, environmental protection, aesthetics, economy, anti-counterfeiting 4.2.2 in the exhibition of personalization and other aspects, a comprehensive evaluation was conducted on the formula for calculating the scanning rate. The sample edge was smooth without notch. In this selection, 10 comprehensive awards were set around the development of filter cloth, flocculant, woven bag, lining plate, steel ball and other products in the main business of alumina, and 10 classified awards

the packaging design of the leading brands of Wuhan Tobacco, Yellow Crane Tower and red golden dragon, was highly praised by the judges. Yellow Crane Tower (Mantian tour) finally won the gold award of China's top ten cigarette labels in 2006 in Shanghai cigarette printing Cup. Yellow Crane Tower (08 special supply), yellow Crane Tower (Lun Dao) and Red Golden Dragon (Nanyang) also won the best green environmental protection award of China's top ten cigarette labels in mid-2006 Best process innovation award and best brand culture award

this selection was jointly organized by the national development and Reform Commission, the State Trademark Office, the China Packaging Federation, the China Printing Technology Association, the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University, China Bidding for global tobacco packaging and other units, and 30 enterprises participated in the cigarette packaging design

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