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Water based diatom mud is an upgraded product of dry powder diatom mud and a sign that diatom mud has officially entered the water-based era from the dry powder era. Compared with the traditional dry powder diatom mud, the water-based diatom mud has higher utilization rate, stronger environmental protection effect, simpler construction and more favorable price. It is a new environmental protection material that can be compared with latex paint and wallpaper

in May 2015, haiikea launched the water-based diatom mud, which adopts the three core technologies of "ao+ respiratory humidity control system", "s-lec light energy self-cleaning system" and "Navl health care system", which are unique to haiikea, and successfully solves the problem that the water-based diatom mud in the industry is thinner than the dry powder diatom mud in coating thickness, resulting in the weakening of functionality, making haiikea water-based diatom mud have the characteristics of smooth and flat walls, It also has more powerful functionality. According to the testing of authoritative departments, the purification rate of formaldehyde is 93%, the antibacterial rate is 99%, and the mildew proof level is 0. At the same time, haiikea water-based diatom mud supports DIY and can mix colors according to their own preferences, which can not only meet people's fun of doing things by themselves, but also meet people's personalized pursuit

with the promotion and popularization of Mr. Han, who just signed a franchise contract with haiikea and became haiikea's agent in Baise, Guangxi, haiikea's waterborne diatom mud, which can meet people's popular needs, will surely lead the new pattern of Baise coating and bring an environmentally friendly, healthy and fashionable home environment to Baise people

Baise is located in the northwest of Guangxi Province. It has many enviable tourism resources, ranging from natural landscapes to cultural landscapes. Countless passengers come here every year. However, it is a subtropical monsoon climate, and the summer with rain and heat is confusing. The functions of haiikea diatom mud to absorb moisture and release negative oxygen ions can alleviate the humidity and heat at home to a certain extent; At the same time, Baise is a city where ethnic minorities gather, and various ethnic characteristics are colorful. People pay attention to personalization. Haiikea aqueous diatom mud, which supports DIY and personalized customization, has undoubtedly become the best choice




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