Meisheng wooden door and Chongqing Niuer decoratio

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In this hot July, the business promotion department of Meisheng wooden door reported good news. After the opening of Shaanxi Baoji franchise store, Meisheng wooden door reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Niuer Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., marking that Meisheng wooden door has taken another big step forward in the strategy of laying out the southwest market

Chongqing Niuer Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a Chongqing decoration brand enterprise integrating decoration design, construction services and comprehensive home services. It has been committed to creating an environment-friendly, safe, fashionable, warm and comfortable high-grade family living environment for users. Mr. Wenzong of Niuer Decoration Engineering, in the selection of hundreds of brands of Chongqing wooden doors, and under the comparison of the corporate culture, production base, process technology, product quality and after-sales service of each wooden door brand, finally chose to cooperate with Meisheng wooden doors. Meisheng wooden door will provide consumers with convenient, high-quality and fast decoration services with ingenious products and Niuer decoration





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