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The real subversion of smart appliances is that you can't feel the existence of technology, but you can't leave it after using it

you can't feel the existence of technology, but you can't leave it after using it. This is the real subversion of smart appliances, and it will also be the development trend of home appliances in the future

when I decorated with my parents, I tried to use smart appliances wherever I could use them

at the beginning, I didn't think too much about it. I simply felt that the decoration was not better than others. It was quite troublesome to replace it after it was installed. It is better to replace all electrical appliances with smart appliances in advance

and I think that in the future, among smart appliances, there must be an appliance that will divide part of the traffic on mobile phones and become our daily traffic port

second, there will definitely be a smart home manufacturer in the future, which is as dominant as apple. No one is willing to cut between different apps or smart speakers

buy early and enjoy early. There is no need to wait for the party. Facts have proved that my choice is correct:


can reduce unnecessary operation steps

for example, Internet stove

if you haven't used the whole house smart appliances, according to the idea of traditional appliances, you will definitely feel that they are two unrelated things. One is responsible for cooking and the other for smoking lampblack. They are two independent things

but if you use it, you will find that the two are actually inseparable: the yunmi Internet smoke cooker set used in my home now will increase the air volume of the range hood when the fire is turned on

on the contrary, when the fire decreases, the air volume will also decrease. When the fire is turned off, the range hood is also turned off

in this way, the old man doesn't need to adjust the wind force of the range hood while adjusting the firepower, and he won't forget to turn it off. He just needs to control the fire

from this point of view, I think the whole house smart appliances are not only a problem of reducing the operation steps, but also a change in people's perception of home

for example, we used to think that the stove is the stove and the range hood is the range hood, but when you use up Internet appliances, you will find that the two things are actually together and should be together

I also believe that there will be more and more integrated intelligent stoves and range hoods in the future

traditional household appliances in the past have been trying to add: for example, how many gears should the range hood have, a separate light on button, and the ability to clean up oil stains with one click

and the whole house Internet appliances do subtraction: you don't need any buttons. With a wave of your hand, everything is completed invisibly

you can't feel the existence of technology, but you can't leave it after using it. This is the real subversion of smart home, and it will also be the development trend of electrical appliances in the future


it can completely solve the problem of forgetting to bring things

for example, when I used to go out, I always remembered to bring the old three things: wallet, key and mobile phone. Now my wallet has been basically killed, and I don't need to bring my keys. A mobile phone is enough

the pocket is no longer bulky. Let alone, the most troublesome part of the previous mechanical lock is that the old people often forget to bring their keys when they go out

once this happens, I either wait for my family to come back and help unlock the door, and ask someone to pry it open. I even encountered the situation that two couples were locked out together

now with yunmi Internet smart door lock link, there is no such problem. You can open it directly with the touch of your fingerprint. When relatives and friends visit, you can't come back at the moment. You can also enter the password on the app side to open the door first, which avoids many embarrassing situations and saves a lot of time

the old man has another problem with the mechanical lock: he often forgets to close the door. He thinks it is closed, but it is not closed tightly

this situation has occurred several times. Fortunately, no one broke into the house to steal, but the smart lock completely eradicates this problem. If it is not closed properly, it will call the police

in addition, the lock can also be linked with lighting. For example, as soon as I go home, the light is turned on, which is another step less. The most annoying thing for me is that I have to think about taking off my shoes and turning on the light at the same time


it can reduce the process of looking for a remote control

most of our electrical appliances, such as fans, heaters, air conditioners, are controlled by remote controls

the biggest problem with the remote control is that the remote control disappears when it is often used. All my fan remote controls have disappeared so far...

changing the battery of the remote control is also a troublesome problem. Button batteries, No. 7 batteries and other batteries are mixed in. Maybe you haven't used them for several times. As soon as you open them in the season of use, you will find that they are out of power

Internet appliances in the whole house are really not so cumbersome. You can directly lie in bed and control the voice: turn on the fan and adjust the air conditioner to how many degrees of voice control

this convenience is especially reflected in the fact that when you go to bed at night, you don't need to look for the remote control everywhere and don't need to get up. You can directly sleep on the bed and shout, "XX, turn off the fan", "XX, turn on the light", and the corresponding operation is realized. There is a feeling of being an emperor. Is there...

especially for the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet, these functions are not too convenient


smart appliances greatly reduce the amount of labor

the most significant is the floor sweeper. With this thing, the amount of labor can be greatly reduced

I used to vacuum my room every morning. And because my mother gets up early, she usually sweeps the living room and balcony

but with the floor sweeper, it's basically OK to sweep regularly every afternoon. If you are really addicted to cleanliness and feel that you sweep more cleanly, it's good to sweep once a week at most

since the invention of the sweeper, manpower has been completely liberated


admit it! Smart appliances are worth "showing off"

in fact, Internet appliances in the whole house have the function of showing off in addition to their functions

because smart home is still in the stage of market education, many people, especially the elderly, don't have it yet, so everyone thinks this thing is new

there are friends and relatives at home. My mother's favorite is to show them how to use all kinds of smart homes

in a moment, she showed them how to interact between homes, and in a moment, she told them how to use voice to control smart homes. Her relatives and friends were older elders, and they all felt fresh to see these

in other words, relatives and friends bought a lot under her Amway...


having said so much, in fact, buying Internet appliances for my parents in the whole house, my biggest feeling is that these things can most directly express my filial piety

by using smart home appliances, the elderly have greatly liberated their use costs, labor costs and time costs of appliances, making their lives more convenient and comfortable

in the past, when giving gifts to parents, they either didn't accept them, or they paid IQ tax on things like melatonin and Hongmao medicinal wine

and smart appliances have a high utilization rate and are close to the people, which has fundamentally changed the lifestyle of parents. It can be said to be the most cost-effective thing to buy in these years




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