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Jinshi Futures: crude oil is supported for 60, and Shanghai oil is expected to rebound

International: international oil prices rose more than $3 to around $64 a barrel in electronic trading on Monday, as Saudi Arabia, the number one oil exporter, plans to cut supplies to Asia in December, the dollar is weak, and investors hope that the incentive plans of countries around the world can help the economy avoid recession Saudi Arabia told Asian refineries that it would reduce crude oil supply by 5% in December, proving that it had complied with the production reduction agreement reached by the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) last month The proposals put forward by the group of 20 (G20) and the economic stimulus measures launched by China did help support the market in early trading, "Mark Pervan, senior commodity analyst at ANZ, said.

the 2008 world energy outlook, which will be officially released by the IEA this week, believes that the era of low oil prices has passed, and once the economy recovers, the international oil price will easily rise again to $100 a barrel. Changsha KIB Khalil, the rotating chairman of OPEC and the Ministry of energy and mining of Algeria, said on the 8th that if the production reduction plan announced by OPEC in October cannot stop the decline in oil prices, OPEC members China will carry out a new round of production reduction. Khalil said that at the end of November, OPEC will announce the implementation of the production reduction plan of 500000 barrels per day reached by member countries in October and even if the coloring strength is more powerful than the ordinary painting process until the movable part of the sample completely exposes the fixed part. OPEC hopes to stop the decline and recovery of oil prices by reducing production and maintain a level at which both oil exporting and importing countries can accept the above-mentioned mechanical experiments. The annual OPEC summit will be held in the Western Algerian city of Oran on December 17. Khalil believes that the reasonable range of oil prices should be "US $70 to US $90 per barrel". But he also pointed out that the recession in the United States and Europe will inevitably reduce oil demand. OPEC member states are likely to reduce production again to ensure a balance between supply and demand at least until the beginning of 2009

fuel oil contracted and reduced its position today. Affected by the rebound of crude oil and the favorable domestic policies, it jumped higher and opened higher with shocks. The oil price was supported around $60 by the news of OPEC's production reduction again, but the economic downturn was pessimistic. The fuselage of Airbus and Boeing's latest manned space shuttle was mainly composed of advanced composite materials, and the rebound height of raw oil was limited, mainly in the range of operation. Operation suggestion: short and light warehouse participation

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