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Jinshida strives to be the leading enterprise of "three high" fabrics

in recent years, more and more people have suffered from insomnia and cervical spondylosis. According to the physiological curve of the human neck, the pillow core can provide a symmetrical background for the head and neck, so that the neck muscles relax and the blood flow is smooth. If smoked vanilla essential oil is inhaled, it can alleviate people's insomnia symptoms. By integrating these two technologies, we have health pillow products such as vanilla neck pillow, fragrant sleeping pillow and buckwheat eye pillow, which are now sold on the market. The enterprise that develops and produces such products is Jiangsu Nantong jinshida ultra micro flame retardant material Co., Ltd

Nantong jinshida superfine flame retardant material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R & D and production of high-performance protective fabrics and high-quality home textile fabrics. At present, the company has made breakthroughs in the research and development of high-performance fabrics related to military equipment protection, public safety protection, special industry protection, and has obtained a number of national and international invention patents. As early as January, 2009, Kingstar entered the fast lane of industrial operation and sound development. Constantly developing new products to strengthen the strength of the company and paying attention to the sustainability of development has become the development track of Nantong jinshida in recent years

at the beginning of entrepreneurship in the mid-1990s, Ou Weiguo, the head of the company, began to get involved in the field of home textiles and created a Xintiandi in bedding products, especially pillow products. At that time, the company mainly produced all kinds of pillows, pillows, bed kits, baby products, etc. After accumulating a certain amount of money, we should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is a vertical fund. Ouweiguo is not satisfied with being a supplier in the supermarket, so the couple decided to establish an enterprise producing health-care functional pillows to expand small products. Because the production of conventional pillows is not competitive in the market, they cooperated with some colleges and universities in Shanghai to focus on the research and development of a series of health-care functional pillow products. According to the needs of insomnia patients and cervical spondylosis patients, they developed vanilla neck pillow, fragrant sleeping pillow, buckwheat eye pillow and other products. Their invention has won many national patents. In 2006, the sales of health care functional pillows and health care home textile products of the company exceeded 20million yuan, more than 10 times higher than that of 2002

high tech anti-counterfeit clothing fabrics help enterprises find business opportunities

the joy brought by entrepreneurship has not stopped ouweiguo. The encounter with a functional fabric expert made ouweiguo germinate a larger development plan, that is, the research and development of high-tech anti-counterfeiting clothing fabrics. Protective fabrics, especially military high-tech anti-counterfeiting clothing fabrics, make Europeand see huge business opportunities. In special industries, fabrics are required to be flame-retardant, acid proof, oil resistant and water repellent. For some military products for special purposes, fabrics are also required to be resistant to infrared and electromagnetic waves. The production technology of this kind of fabric is high and the process is complex. Due to their special technology, the added value of the product increases immediately. In 2006, the company started its second venture in Nantong Development Zone. Building factories and buying equipment. In 2009, the company made its first trial on functional fabrics, but suffered a setback and lost 4million yuan. Difficulties did not overwhelm Ou Weiguo. He firmly believed that as long as we do a good job in product research and development, we will not worry about finding buyers. In 2010, the company successfully passed the survival period, and the investment received a reasonable return. Then, according to the requirements of customers, they developed a series of military anti infrared and anti broadband electromagnetic wave reconnaissance camouflage products, leading their domestic counterparts at one stroke

military tent fabrics won a three-year contract with European buyers

a European country wants to purchase a batch of military tent fabrics. This special-purpose military tent fabric, which further reduces pollution, needs to be compounded with a number of technologies and meet a number of stringent test standards. Buyers have visited many places in China, but have not found an ideal manufacturer. Later, it was introduced that we found Kingstar company. After inspecting Kingstar's technical equipment and testing small and large samples of products, European buyers decided to hand over orders for military tent fabrics to Kingstar, and a three-year contract was signed. Foreign businessmen's preference for jinshida is not groundless. Jinshida company has long paid attention to the sustainable development strategy, and has built a platform for cleaner production and high-quality products from many channels, such as process innovation, the use of environmental friendly additives, and automatic control with modulus ≥ 1400MPa; Using ecological textile technology that meets international standards and nano ecological self-cleaning technology with independent intellectual property rights, the company's products in fact have strong competitiveness. For the future development strategy of Kingstar, Ou Weiguo said that the company will continue to research and develop new products in three major areas: high-quality home textile fabrics, high-performance protective fabrics and high-tech military fabrics, and strive to become a leading enterprise in functional fabrics

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