The hottest Jinyang 25kW three-phase gasoline gene

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Jinyang 25kW three-phase gasoline generator

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Jinyang 25kW three-phase gasoline generator often has power cuts in our lives. You dare to identify that such a task will not occur around you or on yourself. At this time, do you feel how good it would be if you had a generator! Daniazawa generator is a good choice for you. No one knows whether the generator is good or not, as long as it works. But daniazawa generator is also produced in the market For more than 10 years. It also has a good reputation among the majority of customers. Danieze products include: small gasoline generator, small diesel generator, digital frequency conversion generator, multi fuel generator, power welding machine, self-priming water pump, sewage pump, road cutting machine, etc In the morning, the power will be cut off, so the router can't be used and can't be used. Is there any way to make a small, not too large generator that can mobilize the router, and it's best to charge the Notepad. Baoduori's daily battery capacity is unlimited. Lingding uses it to supply power to the emergency communication radio station. In a short time, it takes a few hours, and in a long time, the battery power will be exhausted after more than ten hours of voltage input, so it cannot continue to stop the communication. Adopting the scheme of small generator power supply can have a longer holding time than the battery, and can supply power at any time after participating in the fuel actuation, without delaying the charging preparation for a long time. It is more convenient and common to use small generators to supply power for itself. Characteristics of small generator: low noise, light weight, low displacement, small volume, low oil consumption, stable voltage, etc. Danieze manufacturers' generators include: small gasoline generators, small diesel generators, large diesel generators, multi fuel generators (burning gasoline, natural gas, liquefied gas), digital frequency conversion generators, power generation welding machines, self-priming water pumps, sewage pumps, road cutting machines and other products

Jinyang 25kW three-phase gasoline generator product recommendation:

× Fuel consumption: the original dayota Toyoto, with excellent power, improves the fuel consumption rate and improves the economic benefits of production at a fast speed

× Noise: adopting the principle of car power, the motor noise is greatly reduced, and the silent generator increases people's noise annoyance

× Function: danieze power is highly functional, ultra quiet, and adopts red copper coil to improve the task effectiveness and durability of the product

× Body machine: Japanese Toyoto technology, the fourth generation of the new version, the new year's Eve has reduced the size of the simple version of the motor, which is easy to carry

× Weight: integrate customer needs and suggestions, new product research and development, increase the weight of gasoline generator, strengthen the power, and increase the trouble that users can carry stably Improve task effectiveness

[company heads up]: Shanghai oubao Industrial Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: Japanese danizawa power

[sales manager]: Hou Chuanhui


[landline machine]:


[e-mail]: [email protected]

[business style]: purchase and sales treaty

[business form]: transfer, pay treasure, company pick up

[about products]: including 17% of value-added tax, excluding freight, and delivered 24 hours a day

Product Model toto

frequency 50Hz

additional voltage 220/380v constantly arouses the endogenous power of the enterprise

additional power 15kw

maximum power 17kw

number of phases single/three-phase

current 40A

power identity 1

starting style electric starting

engine model suzuki475q

fuel type 90 # above gasoline

.Component 260

remarks of generator with voltage regulator

oil tank volume 28l

noise Sound level 54 DB

continuous task 12hrs

size (mm) 1150*750*680

engine type four stroke four cylinder water-cooled single top camshaft

cylinder diameter * piston stroke 76*77 (mm)

tightening ratio 8.8:1

extinguishing style inductor

smooth oil volume 4L

smooth oil trademark summer SF grade 15w/40, Winter SF level 10w/30

fully active assembly options

standard construction rotate the buffer to the appropriate position to electronic speed regulation, digital display, low noise

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