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As the "industrial hen" of machinery manufacturing industry, how should we choose machine tools when buying them

Machine tools are the basic production equipment of the mechanical industry, the processing machine of the manufacturing industry and the important foundation of the national economy. They provide equipment and the first stage for all departments of the national economy. Their variety, quality and processing efficiency directly affect the production technology level and economic benefits of other mechanical products. Therefore, the modernization of machine tool industry, no matter which localization level and scale is selected, as well as the quantity and quality of machine tools, is one of the important signs of a country's industrial development

double sided machine tools are an important classification of machine tools and play an important role in processing and production. In recent years, the data mainly include wdw-yaw series automatic cement pressure testing machines. Double sided machine tools are also the top among machine tools. It can be said that to some extent, the development trend of metal cutting machine tools represents the development trend of the machine tool industry. As the "industrial hen" of machinery manufacturing industry, how should we choose machine tools when buying them

1. The type, specification and accuracy of the double-sided boring and milling machine should be compatible with the product

when purchasing the double-sided boring and milling machine, enterprises first need to determine the purchased equipment in combination with their own processing needs. In short, that is, the purchased equipment is mainly used to process materials of what size, material and thickness. The choice of the type of CNC milling machine depends on the structure of the workpiece. Each type of CNC milling machine has its suitable processing object. To meet the needs of workpiece processing size, we should also prevent the selected specifications from being too large. When selecting processing equipment, accuracy is an important indicator. In addition to the geometric accuracy of the CNC milling machine itself, there is also the position accuracy, of which the main inspection items are: positioning accuracy, repeated positioning accuracy and reverse error. Due to different accuracy standards and evaluation methods, the accuracy data provided by the manufacturer may be different. When purchasing, you should note that there are problems with any accessories of the experimental machine, and be willing to understand what accuracy standards and measurement methods the manufacturer uses, so as to ensure that the machining accuracy of the machine tool is met

2. Whether the double-sided boring and milling machine has the corresponding system reliability

the NC cutting equipment is different from the general hand-held cutting equipment. In addition to some basic parameter settings before cutting, the whole cutting process is completed automatically by the NC system, which solves the problem of low efficiency and low precision of manual operation to a great extent, but puts forward higher requirements for the stability of the NC system at the same time. Baiguan machine tool believes that the working environment of NC blanking and cutting is poor, with large dust, high temperature and serious interference during glass cutting. The reliability of the system is the top priority

3. Support the manufacturing of domestic machine tools and ensure the value of machine tools

for different workpieces, we should also give due consideration to the value when buying double-sided boring and milling machines. A good NC cutting equipment needs to fully consider the convenience of the processing site at the beginning of its design, and appropriately add some on-site functions to press keys, which can not only reduce the operation time, but also improve the cutting quality. The purchase of domestically produced double-sided milling machines is, on the one hand, a support for the domestic machine tool manufacturing industry; On the other hand, it is more convenient in technical training, after-sales service, accessories and spare parts supplement, and the value is reasonable as long as these factors are overcome

to sum up, various problems that may occur during the purchase, delivery and maintenance period are explained in detail, and corresponding explanations are made for users to correctly and reasonably use their rights. If these problems are not handled well, there will be great losses to enterprises and users

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