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Artistic beauty and technical beauty of paper packaging modeling design (Part 1)

[Abstract] by analyzing the relationship between art and technology of visual communication in paper packaging modeling design, we can further understand the law of beauty and flexibly master the expression forms of paper packaging modeling, so as to transmit commodity information more vividly, vividly and quickly

key words: packaging modeling; Artistic beauty; Technical beauty

design is an artistic creation activity. Its essence is that "there is a direct connection for psychological feelings according to the law of beauty, and it has its own independent value, different lines and artifacts", which determines that the research on design cannot be separated from the scope of aesthetics. Although its combination can arouse different life associations of the viewer, Give the viewer different psychological feelings "Beauty is not the only attribute and ultimate goal of design, but it is affected by the design results. In other words, the factor of beauty has become one of the standards to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages. The solution is to use stepped sample size. With the continuous deepening of industrialization and the rapid change of Science and technology, the demand for beauty in design is also higher and higher. Fundamentally, it is due to people's increasing material and spiritual needs. Generally speaking, the packaging of products is It is embodied in two aspects: one is to attract consumers with a unique, beautiful and applicable appearance, which is usually called structural design; On the other hand, it refers to attracting customers through graphics, colors and words, but in production, persuasion, which is usually called graphic design. Structural design is the first consideration

1 artistic beauty of paper packaging modeling design

for the same type of packaging modeling, set the same size specification and give it to different designers. The modeling effect after the design is completed will often have different feelings. Due to the different artistic accomplishment of designers, their different understanding of packaging and their different performance of modeling beauty, the modeling effect is different

in addition to mastering good basic skills, an excellent designer must first have a keen artistic sense. While accurately expressing the packaging shape, we creatively use plate making skills to express the taste of packaging shape. If you think that the packaging only needs to design graphics and draw according to the graphics machine commandments, the finished shape will lack aura and taste

in plastic arts, packaging is non imitation art. To some extent, packaging art is a more abstract art, which pays attention to the sense of form. The artistry of packaging is shown through the close cooperation of its own texture, shape and decoration of different art forms, especially its structural design, which takes the changes of points, lines and surfaces as the basic factors to convey the message of beauty. Chinese traditional art is the art of lines. The significance of line language lies not only in its composition of the outline of the image, but also in its fellow people, No art can exist alone without form. The content of packaging works exists in form and is expressed by form, which wakes people's aesthetic attention. Form is an indispensable part of aesthetic activities. When appreciating a packaging work, the first thing that moves me is not only that the words are not exquisite and perfect, or what gives us the first impression is the overall effect of the work. When certain artistic factors, such as the lines and materials of the packaging, express a certain essence of things in a specific form, but also convey the aesthetic experience and aesthetic mind integrated with it, this form can move people. It can arouse people's aesthetic feelings, The form of this work has "meaning", that is, specific meaning. It is not difficult to find that excellent packaging shapes are mostly through the organic unity of harmonious proportion, smooth lines, undulating contours, pattern decoration attached to utensils and color contrast, "For the fiberform process, it conveys the author's thoughts and emotions, and expresses a certain artistic conception, style and atmosphere.

a good packaging shape must be processed by the artist and has aesthetic value. Through the static visual image, the author's thoughts and feelings are more or less contained in a simple and generalized form, which can not only meet the user's use, but also produce certain inducements and psychological hints for the activation of his aesthetic emotions effect. The length, size, verticality and crisscross of packaging shape, the depth, intensity and warmth of color, the coordination of all these factors, or the coordination of uncoordinated factors, its alternation and repetition, will form a specific beauty with rhythm and rhythm. For example, the column shape gives people a sense of modesty, the S shape gives people a sense of liveliness, and the cone shape gives people a sense of sharpness. Some even can only be understood but difficult to express

in the design of packaging structure, it often reflects the subjective or subconscious revelation of the author to varying degrees. The author's personality and temperament are dissolved in this specific artistic style and artistic purport, and embodied in a specific formal preference. It is the formalization of the author's personality. At first glance, some shapes seem to have little content, as if they are just a form. In fact, they are not exactly like this. Instead, they are coordinated and repeated with the help of a certain proportion of color and shape, resulting in some aesthetic and ideological emotions. Modern packaging emphasizes expression, and the art of expression emphasizes people's subjective emotions, so the beauty of art form can be more fully displayed in the packaging, so that the modeling deduces the packaging more delicate and in place

in addition, designers must also have good aesthetic ability. Different packaging brands have different market positioning, and their packaging styles will be very different. Some paper packaging structures are classic and gorgeous; Some are simple and elegant; Some are trendy and full of personality. In the face of changing packaging styles, designers should carefully experience and grasp the style according to the positioning of packaging. At the same time, the style, material, taste and other aspects of the packaging will also bring vitality and innovation to the packaging

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