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As a printing enterprise, you must know the current situation of reading and the book market

in 2018, the per capita reading volume of paper books and e-books in China was 4.67 and 3.32 respectively, and the Internet has become the main body of people's daily contact with the media, and the reading time of paper books and newspapers has decreased

according to statistics, 38.4% of adult citizens prefer to "read a paper book"; More than half of adult citizens prefer digital reading, and the proportion of readers who prefer reading has increased significantly

the rise of e-books

on April 23, which coincided with the 24th World Book Day, the app held the "get 2019 spring knowledge conference" in Beijing. Luo Zhenyu's cumbersome operation, Ping An released a new and upgraded e-book product facing the future on the spot, and jointly launched 9 sets of heavy e-books with 8 well-known domestic publishers such as CITIC, Zhanlu culture, and Utopia

the two innovations of this time:

1. The full-text content of all e-books on the website is accessed to global search. Users only need to enter keywords in the search box, and the system can display the paragraphs containing the keywords in all inventory e-books

compared with paper books, the advantage of e-books is that they support search, and you can quickly find the information you want in a book; This operation can let you find as much content as you want, which is the gospel of theme reading

"for example, if you search" deliberate practice ", you will find hundreds of e-books about" selective practice of engraved (3) static verification points ". Some talk about learning methods, some focus on medicine, and some focus on entrepreneurship/investment/Psychology... Users can not only quickly extract the knowledge and information they want, but also see the interpretation of a word in different books from all angles, so as to establish a three-dimensional understanding. "

2. 10% free trial reading of any book and any location reduces the cost of user knowledge acquisition to a certain extent

through the above two original updates, the knowledge in the originally isolated and blocked books has been completely connected to the digital world and become a "knowledge asset" that users can call at any time

maybe you think it's just moving Internet search engine technology to e-books. But it's not that simple. Luo Pang said that this is an algorithm with "people" as the core, which provides future oriented knowledge services for lifelong learners

in the past, the basic model of e-books was assumed to be bookstores, but the basic model of e-books was assumed to be schools, so e-books are not just goods. In the education mode, readers, e-books and recommenders are indispensable

therefore, the problem of "what book to read" and "how to read better" has been solved. Behind this service is the "expert recommendation group" composed of experts, scholars and knowledge experts from various disciplines. In this era of speed, it can help you acquire knowledge "faster, better and cheaper"

therefore, what we get is ostensibly an "e-book product", which is essentially a one-stop knowledge service

it sounds like e-books are a little better

how should a publishing company, bookstore and publication printing enterprise deal with it

"bookstore +" mode

there are media reports that at 10 p.m., many fashion stores in Sanlitun in central Beijing have closed, but there is still a lively area

Sanlian Taofen bookstore, located on the north side of taiguli, Sanlitun, is a 24-hour bookstore. Its design is unique, and its book fragrance is full of court. With cafes, rest areas, exhibitions and offline activities, it has become a spiritual and cultural space for urbanites to rest and relax

this state-owned chain bookstore has made a powerful exploration under the declining trend of physical bookstores. Policy support in recent years will also accelerate the pace of such exploration in bookstores

in 2019, Beijing issued the implementation opinions on supporting the development of physical bookstores, supporting the integrated development of paper physical bookstores with film and television entertainment, creative design, cultural tourism and other related industries, and creating a multi business cultural leisure space. Many people also call this form "cultural complex"

when it comes to the cultural complex, it is natural not to mention the famous tawaya bookstore

at present, there are more than 1400 branches of Miya bookstore, among which the Tokyo store has a monthly turnover of hundreds of millions of days (more than 6 million yuan), and has been rated as the world's 20 most beautiful bookstores since its opening more than a year ago. Its biggest feature is selling lifestyle, not the book itself. In order to achieve this, Jiawu bookstore has made many changes

1. Completely change the way books are displayed. Only 12% of the books in the whole bookstore are the same as those in ordinary bookstores. Many experts in specialized fields act as shopping guides. The cooking book guide of daiguan yamagaya bookstore is a person who has published more than 20 travel guides; Literature shopping guide is a first-class writer; The shopping guide of records has even held more than 200 concerts...

2. Increase the customer unit price through the joint rate. Put relevant products together, and the products you see in the book are next to the book. This facilitates the availability of relevant goods, and promotes transactions through indirect advertising of books

3. Unique design. Still take daiguan shanjiawu bookstore as an example. The bookstore is opened on a small slope and consists of three connected buildings, surrounded by many green plants. The design of glass appearance is not only conducive to daylighting, but also creates the artistic conception of "vines all over the house" by reflecting the shape of green leaves. In this way, the bookstore itself is full of strong artistic flavor

4. Cooperate to build a cultural complex. Daiguan Mountain House book combines books, movies, music, stationery, coffee, lounge and other elements

there are children's toy stores of more than 20 national toy brands, pet dog parks that cover beauty, medical care, afternoon tea and a series of services, bicycle stores, camera stores, restaurants with a full range of categories... Anjin restaurant is also introduced to provide coffee, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks, surrounded by more than 3000 antique magazines, where you can nourish books and delicious food at the same time

so back to that sentence, the cultural complex is the selling lifestyle, not the book itself

each publishing house shows its magic power

the tavern bookstore is very successful, but it is not easy to become a tavern bookstore. Fortunately, the publishing house is also doing all kinds of exploration

in recent years, Himalayan and logic thinking have entered the publishing industry. Diversified operation may be the focus of the transformation and development of paper and books in the Internet era. Many publishing houses have also made various attempts in product forms and marketing methods

in 2018, the Key Laboratory of publishing integration development (Wuhan) of the national publishing administration cooperated with some publishing institutions to add two-dimensional codes to the teaching aids of 51000 kinds of textbooks. Readers scan the codes into groups to generate interaction. End users pay nearly 800 million for this

in addition, the laboratory has trained a total of 20000 people in the industry, only teaching one thing - does the book provide services after it reaches the readers

a total of 1070 topics have been explored in this project, with 30 successful interfaces for direct atomic binding of more than 0. For example, if you send all the contents of the book to the group or reader group, you will receive 2 group entry fees, and then pay the readers who join the group, which exceeds 70% of the circulation. Although these are small attempts, they do bring some changes to paper books

in addition to product forms, the diversification of marketing methods is also an important area for publishers to explore

Shandong Pictorial Publishing House opened a marketing channel - "the look of time" for the new media business sector when formulating a diversified marketing strategy

on November 30, 2018, the "time like" service number will be opened

launch the "look of time" applet on December 12

open the "look of time store" on January 11

create the "look of time red envelope book group" on January 26

different from traditional channels, new media can quickly respond to social hot spots, so as to achieve the purpose of taking advantage of marketing. For example, on January 18, when "what is page" continued to swipe the screen in the circle of friends, "the look of time" pushed "there are more possibilities for childhood than page", and took the opportunity to promote the publishing house's book "my children's book"

a few days ago, the headline of "time de appearance" has been running synchronously. In 1998, most stories were on stage, and the reading volume of the article exceeded 100000 +. This figure may not be surprising in the era when the actual shrinkage rate of new media in the forming process was also affected by plastic shapes, but this generation of traditional culture publishing industry is abandoning the old model to meet a new breakthrough in transformation

in the future, Shandong Pictorial Publishing House will choose the best operation form according to the communication characteristics of each new media platform, form a new media matrix of, microblogging and Tiktok, and expand the influence of "the appearance of time"

conclusion: in recent years, the discussion and exploration about paper books and e-books, and the new retail of bookstores have never stopped. As a publication printing enterprise, it may be able to embrace change and the future more calmly by paying attention to market trends in a timely manner, cooperating with publishing houses and various distribution channels, and providing content and products that are more in line with the times and more valuable

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