As a papermaking practitioner, can you explain the

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As a papermaking practitioner, can you explain these kinds of paper clearly

also known as "Daoling paper". A kind of relatively high-grade paper, which is made of wood. According to the gloss of the paper surface, it is divided into wool forest paper and light forest paper. It was originally made by Dowling company in the United States

"Daolin paper" should be renamed as "offset printing paper" or "offset paper", which is specially used for offset printing and is also suitable for letterpress printing. Suitable for printing monochrome or multicolor book covers, text, inserts, pictorials, maps, posters, color trademarks and various packaging products. Due to the complexity of offset printing technology, the requirements for printing paper are also high. Offset printing paper is generally made from bleached chemical wood pulp, bamboo pulp, rag pulp and straw pulp. It also needs to be properly added with filler and glue, copied on a long paper machine, and then calendered. Offset printing paper, quantitative from 40 g/m2 to 150 g/m2. Paper has high strength and printability

the origin of Daolin paper: about the 1920s, handmade paper was still in the mainstream in the paper market of old China: writing credit felt paper, bookkeeping with liananqing new chemical materials selected as historical paper, painting with rice paper, printing (lithography) books with jade buckle paper. In people's impression, paper is fished out with bamboo curtains. Just like when foreigners mention Chinese people, they must have a long pigtail behind their head

One year, a paper shop in Shanghai made a deal with Dowling Co.

Ltd. in Hong Kong and bought a batch of printing paper with high whiteness and strength across the sea from Europe. What are the selection criteria for these paper feeding and pulling machines? What fiber-reinforced hydrogels have many potential uses? Here is one of the ways to put it on the market. The printed books are beautiful and popular with readers. Publishers have also made some money as a result. As a result, it led other printing houses and bookstores to buy this kind of good printing paper by name

but what is the name of this paper? According to the rules at that time, whoever comes from is called by whatever name. Because this kind of paper was bought by doweling company, it was named "doweling" and became "3. Motor (MP ⑵) type AI (13550 watts), 3-phase 380 volts, 50 Hz, 1400 RPM/phased single head doweling paper". For a time, "Daolin paper" became a famous brand product and became popular in the world

in fact, it is said that the paper sold to Shanghai by Daolin company at that time included both printing paper and writing paper. Most of them are made from bleached sulfite wood pulp. It was quite good at that time. Later, due to the increasing demand of the printing industry, printing paper accounted for an overwhelming proportion. As a result, Daolin paper became a synonym for printing paper

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