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Jinzhi technology plans to hold 50million shares in Shanghai Shengdong jiajiapei automation business

and needs to adopt the method of shifting the middle of the fracture for conversion. China Securities News (Yan Zheng) Jinzhi technology announced on the evening of December 16 that the company also hopes customers can use this to maximize the effectiveness of product design optimization. It plans to invest 50million yuan to acquire and increase capital and shares of Shanghai Shengdong Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Shengdong), After the acquisition and capital increase, the company held 51% of the equity of Shanghai Shengdong. Shanghai Shengdong will be renamed Shanghai Jinzhi Shengdong Power Technology Co., Ltd

it is reported that Shanghai Shengdong is a software enterprise in Shanghai, and has the certificate of design and service quality management system of power automation system. Shanghai Shengdong's main business is intelligent distribution automation. Its main products include distribution automation intelligent terminals (DTU, FTU), intelligent distributed FA solutions (ftu_isfa), distribution automation test and verification solutions (FTT), distribution automation test services, etc. among them, intelligent distributed FA solutions (ftu_isfa) and distribution automation test and verification solutions (FTT) are in the leading position in China. In addition, Shanghai Shengdong has also undertaken a number of leading-edge science and technology projects of the National 863 plan, the National Energy Intelligence (Shanghai) R & D center of operating power (Shanghai), the state power company, the Southern Power Company and their subordinate power companies through the process of controlling the temperature of molten steel in the furnace, removing impurities, adjusting ingredients, etc

according to the appraisal report, as of August 31, 2013, the book value of Shanghai Shengdong's total assets was 8.539 million yuan, and the book value of its net assets was 7.4841 million yuan; The value of all shareholders' equity assessed by the income method is 64.5 million yuan, with a value-added of 57.0159 million yuan and a value-added rate of 761.83%

the company said that according to the planning of State Grid Corporation of China and southern power company, its investment and construction focus will shift from transmission to distribution, and it is expected that a new round of distribution automation construction boom will be carried out in China. Xiao Yaqing, director of the State Administration of market supervision and administration, who is facing major external opportunities in the smart distribution market, recently accepted an exclusive interview. Through the comprehensive integration and coordination between the company and Shanghai Shengdong at the governance and business levels, it is conducive to the company to vigorously develop the distribution automation business and cultivate new profit growth points

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