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Goldstone Futures: fuel passively follows short-term trading

International: the price of crude oil futures in New York closed higher on March 25, closing above $101/barrel, with the dollar weakening and economic concerns. Crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 36 cents to $101.22 a barrel, up 0.4%. BP's propane leak in Texas helped the market supply and maintained a high purchase benchmark. The war between Shiites and Iraqi security forces also raised concerns about supply risks among market participants. An Iraqi oil official said that the conflict had not affected oil exports

compared with the benchmark a week ago, oil closed down $8.20/the same. Some analysts said that it was difficult for oil prices to make more breakthroughs, because the supply situation showed that crude oil futures hit 111. 5% on March 17 It can be determined that only the rebalancing system moves the record high of $80, which may be eliminated. Timevans, an energy analyst at Citigroup in New York, said, "the reason for not rising is that bullish news may have a negative impact on the benchmark". The rise was due to the end of the winter season and the rebound in gasoline prices, which are relatively low in heating oil prices. Not long ago, the board of directors released data indicating that the U.S. consumer confidence index fell to 64.5 in March, the lowest level since the 2003 Iraq war after the completion of this equity transfer. Crude oil futures temporarily fell by more than $1/barrel

the US demand will be announced at 10:30 US Eastern time on Wednesday, when the energy information administration will release weekly oil inventory data. The price rise is not terrible. The average analyst surveyed by Dow Jones predicts that as of the week of March 21, crude oil inventories will increase by 1.7 million barrels, gasoline inventories will decrease by 800000 barrels, and distillate oil inventories will decrease by 1.6 million barrels

due to the impact of the demand for marine fuel oil in Singapore and the Middle East, the price of fuel oil in Asia began to soar after yesterday's decline, although crude oil fell. 2. Electronic universal testing machine uses crescent shaped samples: crescent shaped samples are pre cut. Benchmark 180CST fuel oil prices rose $to $496.10/ton; In April, the price of 180CST fuel oil paper goods rose by 6.50 dollars/ton to 494.50 dollars/ton

the fuel oil market price in Huangpu, South China fell due to weak demand, ignoring the rise in fuel oil prices in Singapore and Shanghai. Traders said that because the local government may suspend subsidies for their high fuel oil costs, the interest in purchasing power plants is very weak. At the same time, refinery demand is also sluggish

today, Shanghai oil opened slightly higher, reduced volume and positions, and finally closed at 4221, up 50 points. Raw oil continued to be around $100 in the short term, and domestic fuel oil passively followed crude oil, mainly with range shocks. Operational advice: under the premise of controlling positions, short-term trading

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