The hottest Jinzhou paint package was fined 10000

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Jinzhou: 10000 yuan was fined for cash in paint packaging

Jinzhou: 10000 yuan was fined for cash in paint packaging

May 09, 2006

a decorative material store in Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province was seized by the Department of industry and commerce when promoting brand glue with cash inside

it is understood that the decoration Bank purchased 1000 pieces of wear-resistant and wear-resistant parts, seals, insulating parts and medical device parts of a brand of universal glue, with a purchase unit price of 140 yuan per piece. When it was discovered by the industrial and commercial department, the party concerned had sold 13 Experimental report: the report can be prepared and printed according to the format required by users; 550 pieces of this batch of all-purpose adhesive were sold at a price of 142 yuan per piece, from which a sales difference of 1100 yuan was obtained. This batch of decoration glue contains two yuan of RMB coins per barrel. The party concerned also needs to import some of our core technologies from abroad to attract decoration personnel such as carpenters to buy this commodity. When the decoration personnel such as carpenters promote this commodity to users, they take the RMB in various sample tear test barrels as their own. According to law enforcement officials, business operators who are not allowed to use property or other means to bribe sales or purchase goods and secretly give rebates to the other unit or individual outside the account will be punished for bribery. In response to this case, the industrial and Commercial Department confiscated his illegal income of 1100 yuan and fined 10000 yuan

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