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Jinshi Futures: crude oil 80 meets the support of Shanghai oil short and much is expected to follow

international aspect: international crude oil futures rose on October 13, which is the first rise of crude oil futures in four trading days, indicating that the optimism of the stock market is a good omen for the demand of the crude oil market. The settlement price of November crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $3.49, or 4.5%, to $81.19/barrel

commodity analysts at Goldman Sachs Group, who were most bullish on crude oil and expected to stay at a suitable position, now expect the average oil price to reach $86 a barrel in 2009. This estimate is $37 less than its initial estimate. "We obviously underestimated the extent and duration of the global financial crisis and its impact on economic growth and commodity demand," analysts said in a report to clients Arjunmurti, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, also cut his price forecast for next year to $75 a barrel, down $35 from his previous forecast. OPEC has been paying close attention to oil prices and will hold an emergency meeting on November 18. Some analysts said OPEC would take action to defend the oil price of $80 a barrel. In an interview on Sunday, mohammadalikhatibi, the director of OPEC in Iran, said that no one expected to increase production. Mohammadalikhatibi told Dow Jones newswires: "obviously everyone is considering reducing production." Qatar's oil minister said this was a very difficult situation for the world, not just OPEC. He did not say whether he would support the production reduction. Saudi Arabia still uses universal testing machine to load the experimental objects through stretching, tightening, shearing and bending, and has not issued its position on future production. OPEC has agreed to adhere to its production quotas in September

Singapore maritime bureau station showed on Monday that Singapore's marine fuel oil sales in September were 2.86 million tons, a decrease of 9.4 percentage points from August sales, but the marine fuel oil sales in September increased by 1.6 percentage points from the same period last year. The total sales volume of marine fuel oil in Singapore in January was 26.4 million tons, an increase of 12 percentage points over the same period last year. The total sales volume of marine fuel oil in Singapore in 2007 was 31.55 million tons

fuel oil contracted and reduced its position today, with high opening and low fluctuation. Crude oil rose $2.2 in electronic trading, which is expected to stand at the 80 level, but in other words, economic worries still envelop the crude oil market, and the resistance is expected to be around $86 in the later stage. Fuel oil is expected to stabilize in the later stage, and fill the gap and range. Operation suggestion: short and multi participation

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