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Dajiang: as long as you have intelligence, you can track the nearby UAV

(original title: DJI wants to let anyone with a smartphone monitor. It is estimated that the two aluminum lithium alloy production lines under construction will be put into operation by 2016)

Yi science and technology news on November 14. According to foreign media reports, the Chinese UAV company Dajiang is developing a technology that allows anyone with intelligence to track the nearby UAV. This news was announced against the background of promoting data transparency in the UAV industry on a larger scale

Dajiang said that this tracking technology will be open to the public through an intelligent application; As long as the Wi Fi signal is used, the user can identify the identification code of the nearby UAV, as well as its position, height, speed and direction through this application. The application may be launched in 2020 and is currently awaiting regulatory approval. Dajiang said that this new technology aims to "enhance safety, security and inner peace"

at present, the UAV industry is under the pressure of how to prevent its products from being abused. Aluminum is also the first largest material of aircraft, such as for peeping or interfering with the flight of commercial aircraft. In airports around the world, large-scale flight delays have occurred due to illegal flights of UAVs, and airport operators have been forced to spend millions of dollars to install anti UAV defense systems

Dajiang said that the application it launched can enable intelligence with Wi Fi aware function to recognize UAVs within 1 km. (Wi Fi aware is a new function launched by the Wi Fi alliance. With this function, Wi Fi devices will be able to perceive the surrounding devices, applications and information before establishing network connections, including the realization of specific location-specific services such as Wi Fi based distance assessment, background notification and preferential information.) It is worth continuing to promote the construction of innovative cities for many years in a row. What should be paid attention to is that the system is applicable to all UAVs manufactured in the past few years, not just those made in Dajiang. However, the company has not yet determined the list of compatible UAVs

it is certain that this new application will not be as powerful as aeroscope, which is a special system for tracking rogue drones released by Dajiang in 2017. A spokesman for Dajiang said that Dajiang proposed to open the scope to other manufacturers, but no company accepted it. The scope has stronger transmission capability - as strong as the conventional command and control signals of UAVs - so it can recognize UAVs a few miles away. The spokesman said that airports, prisons and stadiums may continue to use the scope system. (Liu Chun)

source of this article: Yi science and technology report: Wang Fengzhi_ nt2541

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