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Jinshi Futures: the rise was blocked, and Shanghai oil was more than a single day away from the session

international aspect: crude oil futures in New York, the United States, fell slightly on April 17, and the weakening of market concerns about oil supply made the crude oil market lose its upward momentum. The settlement price of crude oil in May on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by US $0.07, or 0.1%, to US $114.86 per barrel. It hit an intraday record of US $115.54 on Thursday morning, but the company expects a record high

Zimmermann, a technical analyst at icap/unitedenergy in Jersey City, said that there was no bad news that led to a reversal of the market rally, but now the upward momentum has been exhausted. Other analysts believe that oil and refined oil prices are not ready to end the upward trend at all. Barclays Capital analysts pointed out that U.S. crude oil inventories are declining, although refinery operating rates are at historically low levels. Barclays Capital pointed out that the downward space of energy prices is limited, and oil prices should remain strong; Although the operating rate of the refinery is still far below the normal level 2 Whether the movement speed of the beam of the universal tensile strength tester of steel wire rope is normal, but compared with the data of the usual season, the crude oil inventory is still relatively reduced. On Thursday morning, the US dollar hit a record low against the euro, and crude oil futures hit a record high at this time. However, the dollar strengthened to a two-day high, driving crude oil futures lower

the benchmark 180CST price in Singapore rose to a new high on Thursday, as the price of crude oil futures contract rose yesterday. Due to the strong demand for ships and the shortage of fuel oil in line with specifications, the market is still in the situation of spot premium. However, a trader based in Singapore said that the shortage of fuel oil meeting the specifications had been alleviated. The spot price of 180CST fuel oil rose $3.85 to $554.55/ton

due to the good catalytic effect of rare earth nanoparticles and some nano base metal oxides, Shanghai oil is nearly strong and far weak today, and the price is volatile. Crude oil is expected to remain high in the short term, but beware of technical correction, and the domestic upward momentum has weakened. Operation suggestion: leave the site with multiple orders

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