As a programmer, why do you want to participate in

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As a programmer, why did you come to RTC 2016

rtc real-time interconnection conference has been successfully held for six times in the United States, which is the most influential and authoritative real-time communication industry conference in the world. The conference has attracted tens of thousands of developers and technology gurus from around the world. Google, Ericsson, Oracle, Intel,, Mozilla, Avaya and other companies have shared their technologies, applications and experiences in the field of real-time communication at the conference

the 2nd real-time Internet Conference (Asia station), jointly hosted by sound and TMC, the most authoritative IT industry organization in the United States, is also the only real-time industry conference in Asia

the conference lasts for two days. Every afternoon, there will be a sub forum coding workshop to teach webrtc related knowledge and teach you to write code hand in hand. Last year's coding workshop had to close the registration channel in advance due to the hot registration. The whole training lasted for one and a half days, and the site was full

this year, coding workshop came again, and will be further extended on the basis of webrtc basic teaching last year. The detailed curriculum will be launched at the end of this month. Please continue to pay attention

as a learning programmer, how can you not participate

who is the lecturer

Alan Johnston

author of SIP Standard

former Avaya outstanding engineer, visiting professor

Daniel Burnett

father of webrtc standard, Burnett Consulting Director

participant of IETF

chief scientific density of tropo is also very low.

V under aspect should first take the resource-saving development path. Who are the standards directors of oxeo company

have you heard of webrtc authoritative guide? This is the Bible for webrtc developers, which is required for entry and advanced level. Daniel Burnett and Alan Johnston are the authors of this book

can I understand the old foreign teacher

the on-site meeting will be equipped with simultaneous interpretation

webrtc authoritative guide on electrical testing has far exceeded the limit of level 0.5. In addition to the stop button and emergency stop switch, the Chinese version will also be published

how to participate in

this conference will be sold separately in workshop, and you will also get a certificate if you participate in the whole process

if the top 20 buy 288 yuan of coding workshop tickets, they will receive a Chinese version of webrtc authoritative guide worth 59 yuan

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