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Jintan optoelectronic building integrated application demonstration project was approved

as the solar optoelectronic building project with the largest installed capacity in Jiangsu Province this year, Jintan HuaLuoGeng science and Technology Park solar optoelectronic building integrated application demonstration project was recently approved by a relatively complete automobile and core parts industry cluster with an installed capacity of 2 MW, The state subsidy fund is more than 12million yuan

Jintan City is a national photovoltaic industry demonstration base. In recent years, taking the construction of Huake Park as an opportunity, the city has organically combined the photovoltaic pc/abs alloy plastic rich automotive industry, interior decoration material industry and construction industry, so that photovoltaic, architectural elements and characteristics can be fully reflected in Huake Park. After the completion of the project, the daily power generation will reach about 8000 degrees, which will fully meet the power demand of office and living in the park

Huake Park "Jintan future energy 2000kwp solar photovoltaic building application integration demonstration project" is the largest national photovoltaic building application demonstration project in Jiangsu Province this year. It will complete the photovoltaic power generation installation task and accept the national acceptance before the end of May 2013. At present, Huake park has reached a cooperation intention with domestic professional research institutions, and take this opportunity to build a high-grade science and Technology Innovation Park, ensure that Huake park is established into a science and technology innovation park in Jiangsu Province, and strive to initially build a gathering area with ecological science and technology and knowledge innovation as the core by 2015, and become a "Jintan wisdom Valley" with regional influence. Zhonghua glass () Department

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