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"Jin" Xiucheng North came for change to explore the past, present and future of the hardware industry

the hardware industry market is a very important business form in China's commodity wholesale market, with a market scale of trillions of economic benefits every year. Although China has more than 60000 hardware and electromechanical production enterprises, it is still not a strong hardware and electromechanical manufacturing country. From the perspective of historical evolution, the world hardware and electromechanical manufacturing industry has experienced the process of transferring from European and American countries to Japan, Taiwan, India, and from Japan, Taiwan, India to China's coastal Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions. Most of China's hardware and electromechanical enterprises are still based on rough imitation processing and export trade, or for the United States Japan and many other large economic distributors OEM

the active exploration of the industry also gives a new direction for the future development of the hardware and electromechanical industry market. Comparing the development history of the international hardware and electromechanical industry and the current situation of China's hardware and electromechanical industry, whether it is related to the macro "supply side reform" and "Digital China", or the "transformation and upgrading" and "smart commerce" related to the business foundation and people's livelihood, most of them are surging and breaking at the same time, and few are calm and stagnant, The hardware and electromechanical industry will be faced with adapting to the market, participating in international competition, aiming at the world's advanced, adjusting product structure and expanding competition space

the road to the development of China's hardware and electromechanical industry will be the new era of innovation, the resurgence of the blueprint of intelligent trade, and the pursuit of an unprecedented dream

I. the past

5000 years ago, the Yellow Emperor lived in the mountains, refined pills, and cast the Yellow Emperor Ding. Since then, smelting has sowed seeds on this land and has continued. Since the Song Dynasty, many coppersmiths, blacksmiths and tinsmiths have traveled far and wide. In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, tens of thousands of craftsmen made a living outside the country, covering the north and south of the river and inside and outside the Great Wall. "The roaring fire reflects sweat, walking through the streets and lanes in all directions", 5000 years of hardware history

as industrial products, the products of hardware and electromechanical industry are closely related to the national industrial and economic conditions. The rapid development of China has driven the continuous expansion of the scope of domestic manufacturing industry, and the hardware and electromechanical industry is also hot, ranging from wrenches and screwdrivers to construction machinery, which have achieved great development and are widely used. Shunde District is a famous metal slide rail production base in Asia and a famous hinge production base in China, and plays an important role in the development of related industries in the country

in August 2007, Foshan was awarded the titles of "China slide rail industry base" and "China hinge industry base" by China Hardware Association. Since 2008, with the emergence of the world financial crisis, domestic economic growth has begun to slow down, especially after 2012, the hardware and electromechanical industry is much worse than before, and many high-end high-tech hardware and electromechanical products have not mastered the core technology in China, and need to be solved by importing

II. After years of development, the industry has gradually formed serialization, standardization and branding. It is not only rich in types and complete in specifications, but also rising in quality. More and more international brands are entering the Chinese market, which provides conditions for the development of China's hardware and electromechanical industry

after the 2008 financial crisis, the domestic market suddenly became so important that a large number of export-oriented products began to compete with domestic demand. After the domestic market demand was "excessively" amplified and utilized in previous years, the market competition became more intense. Chinese industry has also entered a transformation stage. The hardware industry has undergone substantial changes since 2014. With the integration of commodity manufacturers, the advantages of big brands begin to highlight; The strategy of subdividing products shows its power, and the structure is adjusted; Channels began to change unprecedentedly. Under the influence of Internet, traditional channels have to be re examined. Now we see large hardware enterprise alliances, chain operations are widely praised, and Internet terminals, "o2o" and e-commerce are accelerating their penetration

informatization will occupy a more dominant position. Traditional business ideas and models must be adjusted. If they cannot be changed quickly, they will face the risk of being eliminated. Every practitioner is constantly learning, improving and changing

III. future chapter

the Yellow Emperor cast tripods, forged swords in the spring and Autumn period, made nuji in the Han Dynasty, made bronze spears in the Tang Dynasty, and the wealth of hardware has always been a major representative of China's wealth of products. As the mother of industry, hardware began to face the challenges of the Internet era and industry 4.0

at present, industry 4.0 is deeply integrated with various manufacturing industries. 4. Experimental force accuracy: better than ± 1% of the indicated value, and the mode of value creation and distribution is changing. The traditional manufacturing industry is changing. They embrace the Internet + era and use wisdom and technology to help make in China. At present, there are more than 50000 Enterprises above the scale of manufacturing industry, more than 300000 Enterprises above the scale of circulation industry, more than 170 professional markets, and more than 3million employees in the whole industry

China in the 1970s belongs to the era of planned economy; China in the 1980s belongs to the era of commodity economy. In the 1990s, enterprises should advertise, be able to do marketing, have channel dealers, distributors, retailers, and have after-sales management. The competition is mainly in the market, which is called market economy. Over the past 10 years, China's manufacturing industry (including service industry) has been greatly impacted by the industry, which is Internet. Internet has changed the way we acquire information, the way we manufacture it, the interactive relationship between manufacturers and consumers, the way we present and buy goods, the relationship between us and money, and the speed of money flow. Today, China's economic form has entered a new post market economy era. The trend of this era is that the market economy form formed since the 1990s has been changed

the impact brought by interconnection. The five curves in today's market show that the potential energy intuitively reflects that the state reflected by the sample when it is subjected to the action of tensile force has been reconstructed. Many of the original experience is no longer applicable today, which is actually a major benefit. Especially after 2016, interconnection has changed from cutting-edge technology to universal infrastructure and methods, and the core competitiveness of enterprises will return to manufacturing itself. All questions return to a core point, that is, whether manufacturing enterprises can produce a good commodity and whether service enterprises can provide a good service to the market

there are no so-called new industries or sunset industries, but only changes in ideology and ideas. In the post market economy, an obvious trend is that the competitiveness and core value ability of manufacturing enterprises return to the craftsmanship spirit, and the spring of high-quality manufacturers is coming. In the past, our development benefited from the economic development of the country and also depended on the wisdom and hard work of people in the industry. How to better "+ connect" may be the beginning of the industrial revolution

Industrial 4.0 robots change enterprise production

as a major economic development strategy in Guangdong in recent years, six cities and one district on the West Bank of the Pearl River include Foshan (Shunde), Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Yangjiang and Zhaoqing. This is the concentration of advanced manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province and its economic hinterland. This means that "made in China 2025" is moving from the guidance document to the specific implementation stage

in recent years, Foshan is optimizing the industrial layout through resource integration, accelerating the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, promoting brand building, and building a full industrial chain of equipment manufacturing. Foshan strives to achieve an added value of 250billion yuan in the city's equipment manufacturing industry by 2020, takes the lead in building an equipment manufacturing industry belt on the West Bank of the Pearl River, forms a modern equipment manufacturing industry and its service industry system with outstanding backbone and leading advantages, enhanced independent innovation ability, complete industrial chain supporting facilities, and constantly optimized industrial structure, and promotes the leapfrog development of the equipment manufacturing industry to intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and digital manufacturing, The whole industrial chain of equipment manufacturing has been formed, making Foshan one of the core bases of advanced equipment manufacturing in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, the leader of advanced equipment manufacturing industry in the West Bank of the Pearl River, and an important equipment manufacturing service agglomeration in South China

as a large modern hardware industrial park, supporting hardware design and new technology exchange center, International Hardware e-commerce exchange and other service facilities that radiate across the country and even the world, Foshan Chancheng north area will usher in a remarkable landmark industrial project. The first traditional industrial transformation project "agile Golden Valley International" in Chengbei district was launched. In addition to building a professional hardware market, the project will also be equipped with office buildings, hotels, high-end service apartments, etc

new business economic model incubator and industrial community, bid farewell to tradition and connect the future

"agile Golden Valley International" is the first traditional industrial transformation project in Chengbei area, which is built by China's top 100 real estate enterprises and agile group. It is located in Xiebian, a three-dimensional transportation hub of Guangzhou and Foshan. The transportation market is mainly concentrated next to developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and connects three regional transportation hubs: Foshan railway station, Foshan bus station and Foshan Airport. The intersection of HAIBA Road, Haiwu Road (under construction), Foshan Avenue, 15 kilometers directly to the changui center and Qiandeng Lake financial high tech Zone. Within a short distance, Shenhai expressway, Guangsan expressway, Guangming expressway, Foshan first ring expressway, Guangzhou Ring Expressway, seamlessly reach Guangzhou, Shunde, Sanshui, Gaoming and the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration. It is "an important hub of Guangfo metropolitan area in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, which is strongly supported by the Foshan government. It has developed innovative adhesive products and solutions to meet the future needs of the market. It is a new type and comprehensive trade logistics base", sitting in the Chengshu industrial business district, Significant advantages in location and transportation

the planned land area of the project is about 97000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 685500 square meters. It is developed in four phases, of which the total commercial volume of the industrial market in the four phases is 180000 square meters, and the total supporting volume of office buildings, apartments and residences is 505500 square meters. It is a smart The first phase of the innovative "hardware smart innovation industry trading center" has been completed and put into use. After the overall completion of the project, it will be a landmark hardware and electromechanical theme industrial complex integrating diverse and composite functional products such as commerce, office buildings, apartments and residences. Pan hardware industry city, "golden" Xiucheng north

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