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How to work in a more effective way between valve suppliers and EPC contractors

Mr. Sanping has worked in the pipeline materials group of JGC's factory and pipeline department for more than 17 years as a pipeline engineer. In his many years of career, he participated in the testing of color difference meters for petroleum refining, liquefied natural gas and petrochemical industry Δ B various international process plants in value-added industries and other fields burn down compressor and off-site facilities in case of instantaneous shutdown caused by loosening. Recently, he was appointed as the chief of pipeline materials. Mr. Sanping has worked in the pipeline materials group of JGC's factory and pipeline department as a pipeline engineer for more than 17 years. Over the years of his career, he has participated in various international process plant and off-site facility projects in the fields of petroleum refining, liquefied natural gas and petrochemical industry. Recently, he was appointed as the chief engineer of pipeline materials, responsible for verifying the technical specifications of end users for the EPC project of chemical plants. Aerogel gel materials will also be the product preparation project technical specifications in the laboratory and the evaluation of manufacturers related to the design of plant pipeline materials for a long time. Therefore, in this article, he will share with us how to work in a more effective way between valve suppliers and EPC contractors

what problems related to valves do you need to deal with in your daily work

when it comes to valves, I have been committed to optimizing the specifications of valves used in EPC projects around valve standards, material requirements, operating conditions and end-user needs. In the process of docking with valve suppliers, I tried to further simplify the relevant processing of valve supplier qualification documents, such as supplier drawings, through communication with suppliers, especially Chinese suppliers. According to past experience, there are too many redundant jobs in this link, which is a waste of manpower for both US and suppliers to some extent. At the same time, I also plan to optimize the management of supplier documents and build a connecting system between JGC orders, supplier order entry and supplier documents, which will reduce labor and time costs on the one hand, and better control the quality on the other hand

what problems need to be solved in the communication with suppliers

before placing an order, we need to reach an agreement with the manufacturer on some important technical requirements. However, in many cases, due to the different principals of suppliers before and after the order, the agreement requirements are prone to deviation in communication or implementation, resulting in a series of subsequent problems. I hope the supplier can pay enough attention to this situation and improve it

please share one or two successful cases with us

we recommend that users weld the valve body to replace the valve body of corrosion-resistant alloy, which has many advantages for valve manufacturers and EPC contractors in terms of cost, delivery, quality and so on. Therefore, I also hope to seek further technical optimization solutions with valve manufacturers

what are your criteria for selecting suppliers

what do you think of Chinese valve suppliers

from the current trend of end-user requirements served by EPC projects, valve suppliers need to improve their cost competitiveness. Obviously, in addition to operating expenses, end users also pay great attention to investment capital expenditure. However, the so-called cost competitiveness also requires good quality assurance as a prerequisite

for Chinese suppliers, they have great advantages in cost optimization, because there are many competitive sub suppliers (such as foundries, forging workshops, etc.) in China. If it can make more efforts in quality and stability, it will have great competitiveness to meet the needs of users. In addition, with the increasingly severe competitive environment in the valve industry, both Chinese and other valve suppliers need to be able to provide more problem-solving ideas and value-added services for EPC projects while meeting the needs of users

which industry do you think has more development potential in the future

from the perspective of EPC project, I think LNG industry, especially in Asia, has greater development potential. With the increasingly severe requirements of environmental protection, the application field of LNG in the future is bound to grow rapidly. As for valve supply, there is no doubt that cryogenic valve is one of the most important valves in LNG project. Due to the large production capacity of LNG plant, the valve manufacturer is required to have the scale of producing large-diameter, high-pressure resistant low-temperature valves; At the same time, we should expand the scale of low-temperature test equipment to shorten the delivery time of products. Of course, the optimization of cost can not be ignored

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