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Recently, at the joint invitation of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and the municipal shipbuilding industry design base, Zhao GengXian, a researcher of the China Academy of shipbuilding and ocean engineering, visited Zhoushan and held a dialogue with industry representative enterprises on "ship type development and independent innovation"

optimize the ship type to form his own brand

Zhao GengXian is a master of domestic ship design, a leader in the design of large (super large) ships, and a pioneer of FPSO in China. In the early stage, he participated in the development of Suez's largest oil tanker and VLCC. In recent years, he has conducted technical consultation for major projects in CNOOC, PetroChina, CNOOC industry, domestic ship class society, metallurgy industry, and bridge industry

he said that the next ten years will be a period for China's ships to expand lithium salt production capacity, optimize development and independent innovation, and also a key period for the shipbuilding industry to become bigger and stronger. "It is impossible for China to optimize the development of ship types. This summit will be held at the same time as the plastic recycling conference held in Dallas, the United States. It is far from relying on low-cost labor production, and we should form our own brand." Zhao GengXian said that first of all, we should learn from foreign advanced concepts and mature experience and work hard on all aspects of "green ships", which is the key to victory in the future. Secondly, break the regional differences at home and abroad, and the boundaries between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, unite vertically and horizontally, and gather strength. For example, the joint development of Brazil and South Korea in offshore engineering and the cooperation between Russia's shipping industry and Japan and South Korea around LNG are examples worth learning

when talking about the development direction of ship types in the next decade, Zhao GengXian believed that the development of green ships, novel Panamax ships, wide body ships without (less) ballast and nearest water, multi-functional ships, multi-functional marine engineering products, novel marine engineering devices, etc. should be focused on

how to deal with the adverse factors existing in the shipbuilding industry

in recent years, the price of marine steel has remained high, and the profit of shipyards is meager; The appreciation of the RMB has also turned shipbuilding orders into "hot potato"

and the shortage of professionals, insufficient reserve force, dependence on foreign patents for core technology, and insufficient supporting capacity of domestic equipment... These "short legs" have seriously restricted the expansion and strengthening of the shipbuilding industry

in view of the above adverse factors existing in the current domestic shipbuilding industry, Zhao GengXian believes that government departments should increase support for the development of ship types, strengthen macro-control, and carry out research on ship type optimization in an organized and orderly manner; Establish a relatively stable and appropriately staffed R & D team; Strengthen management and improve the incentive mechanism

enterprise executives should also build a technology exchange platform to cultivate innovative talents. Focusing on the development of "green ships", adopting the awareness of green environmental protection, we will carry out research on reducing CO2 emissions, reducing SO2 and NOx emissions, on-board waste management, ballast water treatment, anti pollution coating, and the utilization of ship dismantling materials, so that the developed ship type will have a minimum impact on environmental pollution during construction, shipping and disassembly, and the waste materials can be recycled during recycling

deep sea fishing equipment development or the transformation of shipbuilding enterprises into a "new blue ocean"

"Zhoushan originally had some fishing boat manufacturing and repair plants. In fact, it is a very good condition that the mortar in each tank should be as uniform as possible." Zhao GengXian said that shipbuilding enterprises should jump out of the fixed thinking mode of a large shipbuilding country and a powerful shipbuilding country and see the development goals of a large marine country and a powerful marine country in the future

in 2012, the total output value of the national marine industry has exceeded 5trillion yuan, accounting for 9.6% of the total GDP. Among them, shipbuilding was 133.1 billion yuan, with a growth rate of -1.1%; Marine Fisheries amounted to 365.2 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 6.4%; CNOOC reached 157 billion yuan, with a growth rate of -8.7%. The development potential of marine fisheries is immeasurable. "If the shipping enterprises in Zhoushan can pay attention to the development of deep-sea fishing equipment, it will drive the development of a large number of enterprises."

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