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In the window period of new infrastructure, how enterprises build IOT systems to gain insight

recently, one of the concepts that has attracted much attention is new infrastructure. The top level of the Chinese government vigorously promotes the new digital infrastructure, aiming to inject new momentum into social and economic development, and promote Huaibei City to focus on building a 100 billion ceramic aluminum peak target industry to transform and upgrade to intelligence. As one of the core areas of new infrastructure, IOT, which has played a great role in the fight against the epidemic, will usher in a new development period with the investment of new infrastructure. Those who observe the situation are wise, those who follow the situation win, and those who control the situation walk alone in the world. With the new infrastructure situation emerging, IOT enterprises should grasp new opportunities and new outlets, expand new space and create a new situation

however, the design and development of IOT solutions are complex, and there is no one size fits all approach. Common simple technical challenges in it projects need to adapt to the deployment environment of IOT, which means that they are often open and unclear

no matter what challenges the enterprise wants to solve, anfuli experts have found a way for them to coordinate the design and development process of IOT, that is, to ensure that every choice of their own is conducive to gaining deep insight. Strong insight can guide enterprises to take measures to improve business conditions and grasp the future business orientation. This is also the only way for IOT to transform its business from a popular word that people talk about to an application. In order to gain valuable insights, enterprises need to:

for enterprises, this means that they need to seek some basic knowledge and technology, such as multi protocol connection, easy-to-use toolkit and hardware support, as well as more advanced artificial intelligence integration, predictive analysis and data visualization. The last three items are particularly important if enterprises want to obtain cutting-edge thinking and insights from leading competitors

choose a flexible and scalable platform to simplify

after data collection and analysis, it plays a more powerful role and can be used to find problems and obtain real-time reports. The only way to achieve this in dozens of possible use cases in the enterprise is to rely on a flexible platform that supports interoperability

to evaluate flexibility, enterprises can ask platform providers some questions, including where users can host; What role-based access options are available; What API access rights are there; Which customer groups the platform mainly faces; What data export operations can be done; Or whether the platform can work across application scenarios. Its flexibility enables enterprises to smoothly transition from concept testing (POC) stage to full deployment and implementation, thus avoiding the difficulties in the process of concept testing

take advantage of the trend, with the help of stable cloud services

usually, enterprises will purchase or develop perfect platforms for their most urgently needed applications, and build IOT systems on this basis. However, if the company goes out of business or business priorities change, it may be dragged down by a technology platform that cannot adapt to changes in business needs

although proprietary systems have many advantages, cloud based platforms such as Microsoft azure, supported by large enterprises in the industry, can provide your solution with an extensible and secure background for all customers' data and business logic processing. In addition, with the first-class technology that has achieved good results in cooperation with many enterprises at present, it is easy to build a system centered on user insight, which uses special analysis methods and customized logic processing

to embrace the future, edge intelligence is crucial.

we know that everything is migrating to the cloud. But in high-pressure environments such as hospitals, we can't afford any delay. Even a few seconds of delay may mean the difference between life and death. If enterprises want their IOT solutions not to be limited to collecting what has happened in the physical world, but to begin to perceive what may happen next, edge intelligence is crucial. AI brings great benefits, and edge AI can make these benefits realized in an instant. Enterprises can not only use edge intelligence to reduce the delay to milliseconds, but also this kind of instantaneous connection usually means lower power consumption and lower cost

the platform requires edge or rugged servers to aggregate sensors, perform local processing and integration, and upload data to the cloud. This is the way for enterprises to gain strong insight today and gain deeper insight in the deployment process

choose the right partner and get twice the result with half the effort

customers use web and mobile applications and data APIs to manage infrastructure, optimize operations and reduce costs. A strong design and development phase will require the basic knowledge and technology of the database to create schemas, define relationships and integrity constraints, and create the required views. But this is not all enterprises need to do. The enterprise must ensure that user, device, firmware, and storage management are synchronized with any custom modules it designs for specific use cases. It is these small but powerful technical details that ensure that the decisions made in the design and development can produce the required insights for the deployment of IOT. The right partner, such as anfuli, can explore various possibilities and ensure that all these details are coordinated

why? Because IOT is not a vertical market, an application, an environment, an application, a segment, an industry, an audience, a product or a technology. IOT refers to how interconnected objects generate data, so as to provide enterprises with insight that can guide business operations. When building IOT solutions, it is best to consider how to gain deep insight from the beginning to ensure that it is a long-term popular solution, rather than a short-lived miracle

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