How to break through the siege of the hottest wind

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How to break through the wind power industry in 2016

according to the latest disclosed data, as of the end of November 2015, the wind power generation capacity of Liaoning was 10.5 billion kwh, an increase of 12% year-on-year. However, for the safety of heating and electricity in winter, wedge-shaped components can also be made of different advanced materials, and the abandoned wind power is also nearly 1.42 billion kwh, an increase of nearly 850million kwh year-on-year. It has become a vivid portrayal of the current situation of Liaoning's wind power industry and a microcosm of China's wind power industry in the past year

on the one hand, the persistent disease of wind power curtailment has not been eliminated. On the other hand, the benchmark price of wind power has started a new round of reduction cycle. Under this situation, wind power enterprises must work hard to improve the competitiveness of the wind power industry through technological innovation and lean management. An industry expert from the wind energy equipment branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association said

normalization of electricity price reduction

with the official release of the national development and Reform Commission's notice on improving the benchmarking electricity price policy for onshore wind photovoltaic power generation, the boots of benchmarking electricity price reduction on wind power have finally landed

the new round of price adjustment plan decides to reduce the land wind power class I, class II and class III resource areas by 2 cents and 3 cents respectively in 2016 and 2018, and the class IV resource areas by 1 cent and 2 cents respectively. It is generally believed in the industry that the formal price adjustment plan is much milder than the previous exposure draft. In the previous draft for comments, it is proposed to reduce the fees of category I to category IV resource areas year by year in the next five years

an analyst from Industrial Securities said to that the lower than expected reduction of the wind power up price will help wind power operating enterprises to continue to maintain the current return on net assets. At the same time, it is clear that the up price in the next few years is conducive to wind power enterprises to reasonably arrange the production schedule of the investment and experiment steps according to the provisions of 2. It is expected that the industry will continue to grow rapidly in the next two years

a year ago, onshore wind power just experienced a price reduction. At the end of 2014, the national development and Reform Commission announced that it would reduce the benchmark price of onshore wind power by 2 cents per kilowatt hour in Category I, II and III resource areas, while the price in Category IV resource areas remained unchanged. The electricity price reduction caused a more obvious rush to install in the wind power industry, which has been criticized

many business people also have the same view on the new round of electricity price reduction: for the wind power industry, it will experience pain in the short term, but in the long run, it is conducive to promoting the healthy, orderly and balanced development of wind power. As the wind power industry enters a period of large-scale development, the benchmark price reduction will also become the norm

Han Ling, a researcher at GF Securities, believes that in the wind power industry chain, the long-term development of wind power operators mainly depends on scale advantages and location advantages, that is, resource advantages + scale advantages. As the main force of wind power development, the five power groups are not only 2 Polyethylene chemical medium corrosion test method: through the test of three different solutions (hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride), it has a strong installed scale. At the same time, a large number of wind farms are equipped in the Sanbei area with high-quality wind conditions. It is expected that the improvement of wind abandonment rate in the future will contribute to stable profits all year round. Wind turbine manufacturers located in the midstream are more flexible. Due to their technical and brand advantages, leading wind turbine manufacturers will further enhance the concentration of wind turbine manufacturing links under the major trends of southward development of projects, strengthening of industry rules, quality before price, and dragon head manufacturers are expected to gain more market share

however, there are also views that although the photovoltaic power price of the synchronous price adjustment has been reduced by a larger margin, it is relatively more stressful for wind power enterprises. Because it is unlikely that wind power will achieve a technological breakthrough in the short term, and the space for reducing the cost of wind power is gradually shrinking

when will the pain of abandoning the wind end?

it is understood that compared with the serious subsidy arrears in the photovoltaic industry, the contradiction of subsidy arrears in the wind power industry is not so acute. Wind abandonment is the biggest pain point of the wind power industry

previously, a person in charge of project operation in areas with serious wind abandonment told that if the wind abandonment rate is reduced by half compared with now, the pressure on enterprises caused by the reduction of electricity prices can be greatly relieved

it is generally believed in the industry that while reducing the benchmark price of wind power to force the industry's technological innovation and lean management, the old problem of wind power curtailment must be completely solved in order to truly enhance the competitiveness of the industry

it is worth noting that after this price adjustment, the benchmark electricity price for onshore wind power projects in class I resource areas will be reduced to 0.44 yuan per kwh in 2018, while the benchmark electricity price for coal-fired power generation after the price reduction will be about 0.4 yuan per kWh. The gap between the two will be further narrowed, which also means that it is a step closer to the goal of matching the electricity price of wind power and coal-fired power in 2020

while getting closer to the goal of wind power parity, is our governance of wind curtailment getting closer to the ideal goal

the curtailment of wind power in China began to appear around 2010, reaching a peak in 2012, when the curtailment of wind power reached 20.8 billion kwh, with a curtailment rate of about 17%. It began to improve in 2013, with the wind abandonment rate falling to 11% and 8.5% in the first half of 2014. However, since last year, the wind abandonment rate has rebounded sharply and has a growing trend

power companies said that in the past two years, the background of economic growth slowing down, the growth rate of electricity demand slowing down, and the lack of total consumption market are superimposed with multiple factors, such as considering the opening and closing of heaters, the single power structure in the three northern regions where new energy is concentrated, the low proportion of flexible adjustment power supply, the large proportion of heating units in the heating period, the lagging development of electricity, the limited capacity of new energy transmission, etc, As a result, the consumption contradiction of new energy such as wind power has become more prominent since 2015

according to insiders, the competent authorities tried to take multiple measures to solve the problem of wind abandonment. For example, realize the diversification of local consumption methods; UHV wind and fire binding and delivery; Flexible allocation of smart electricity; The quota system and the restrictions of the approval area ensure the full purchase of wind power, etc

overall planning must be carried out first

ZHU RUIZHAO, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, told earlier that there was no overall planning between wind power and electricity, wind power and other power sources, which also exacerbated the hidden danger of wind abandonment. There is much to be done on how to make overall planning

according to the introduction, the preliminary work process of the wind power project is relatively simple, the approval progress is fast, and the construction cycle is short; However, the approval procedure of power access system is complex, there are many influencing factors, the coordination work is difficult, and the construction cycle of the project is also long. Therefore, the power construction in many places can not keep up with the pace of wind power development

obviously, in order to develop the wind power industry, we should not only solve the contradiction between the rapid growth of wind power installation and the limited consumption space, but also solve the contradiction between wind power and other power sources, and between wind power and power

although the planning of wind power installation target is important, it is more important to do a good job in the planning of the whole power system, including wind power, than the planned installation target. Liu Yongqian, a professor at the renewable energy College of North China Electric Power University, once told

Liu Yongqian believes that the development of wind power is not a matter of the wind power industry itself, but closely related to the entire power industry. It is necessary to carry out top-level design, do a good job in the overall power planning, and make overall planning from all aspects of power generation, transmission and distribution, and carry out corresponding supporting. Only in this way can the overall efficiency of wind power be improved

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