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As we all know, industrial brands are different from consumer brands. We can't rely on a lot of advertising or momentum to achieve a significant increase in brand awareness and value. That's why flying pigs, which can be seen everywhere in the consumer goods industry, are hard to find in the industrial goods industry. Zhang Dongli, a well-known industrial brand marketing expert, said: industrial brands are made, and it is said that Claria (3) tooth opening is the key process NT) is expected to acquire the majority equity of the joint venture. Jinshengyang brand, after 17 years of baptism of the market, is still standing firmly, which also confirms this view

industrial brands are made, not spoken. In terms of corporate culture, they mean that they are pragmatic and focused, and have a sincere desire and love for product quality and technical pursuit. Zhang Dongli

most of the senior executives of Jin Shengyang's company came from technical backgrounds. Under their leadership, Jin Shengyang people naturally inherited the pragmatic, rigorous and serious work style of technical people, and gradually formed Jin Shengyang's unique, down-to-earth and self serving camel culture, so they can focus on improving the quality of power products and constantly climb the peak of power technology

industrial brands are made, not by words, which means that industrial brands should pay attention to 9. Tension testing machine 1 must pay attention to the cultivation of internal skills of adjusting the travel limit switch, and do three fundamental jobs of industrial brands: technology, quality and service. As a high-tech enterprise, technological innovation is the foundation of sustainable development of enterprises. Since its establishment, Jin Shengyang has clearly taken the road of independent innovation and rejecting Shanzhai. First of all, Jin Shengyang has a huge independent research and development team, and will invest a lot of resources in technological research and innovation every year. The unique innovation culture of everyone innovating, everything innovating and constantly innovating also gives jinshengyang's products outstanding technical advantages, making the customer experience exceed expectations. As of October 2015, jinshengyang has applied for more than 350 domestic and foreign intellectual property rights, including more than 180 invention patents, making it one of the enterprises with the most invention patents in China's power industry

in addition to technological innovation, jinshengyang also has seven advanced reliability management platforms, which makes the power products launched by jinshengyang not only have good performance but also high reliability, which makes high reliability become the synonym of jinshengyang power products

a good product not only means good performance, but also allows customers to use it well. Unlike other power supply manufacturers, Jin Shengyang pays special attention to the technical support of product application and has established a huge FAE team based on senior engineers. Jin Shengyang's technical support services run through the whole process of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, such as power supply selection, scheme application, on-site technical support, customer complaint and failure analysis and treatment, so as to think about the customers' thoughts, be anxious about the customers' anxieties, and solve the customers' worries in system design and product application

industrial brands are made, not spoken, that is, industrial brands form a long-term trust relationship with customers, which has experienced the test and running in of time, rather than a short-term relationship of flirtation and love. Zhang Dongli

in the past 17 years, Jin Shengyang has developed from a small enterprise with only two people to a leading enterprise in the domestic power supply industry. This process is full of hardships and twists. However, our customers have nothing to hide after more than ten years of wind. In the case of a large number of power supply enterprises and increasingly diversified choices, they still firmly choose to support Jin Shengyang as always. What makes customers trust Jin Shengyang so much? The secret lies in the fact that Jin Shengyang has won the customers' five hearts: the stable quality and excellent performance of the products are the basis of the cooperative relationship, which first won the customers' confidence for Jin Shengyang; The technical support service and stable, fast and punctual delivery throughout the whole process of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales have won customers' satisfaction; Jin Shengyang's strong independent innovation ability and fruitful results have won customers' confidence in Jin Shengyang and its cooperative relationship; Guided by customers' needs, the annual in-depth technical seminars provide customers with a platform for the exchange of technical and application problems, and the continuously improved product performance and services enable customers to obtain a better use experience, which have strengthened the determination of customers to cooperate with Jin Shengyang for a long time; Jin Shengyang, in line with the character of being honest with children and old people and being down-to-earth, would rather suffer losses than let customers suffer losses. For 17 years, he has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services and helping customers create value, which has earned customers' sincerity. In turn, the five hearts of customers have also become the driving force for the continuous development of jinshengyang

practice the concept of being honest and doing things in a down-to-earth manner, focus on technological innovation, constantly improve product quality, provide perfect services, and establish a long-term cooperative trust relationship with customers. Jin Shengyang explained with practical actions that industrial brands are made, not spoken, and therefore become the leading brand in the domestic power industry

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