Development trend of the hottest CNC machine tool

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CNC machine tool technology development trend

high speed, precision, compound, intelligence and green are the general trend of CNC machine tool technology development. In recent years, gratifying achievements have been made in practicality and industrialization. Mainly manifested in:

1 Machine tool composite technology is further expanded. With the progress of numerical control machine tool technology, composite processing technology is becoming more and more mature, including milling turning composite, turning milling composite, turning boring drilling gear processing and other composite, turning grinding composite, forming composite processing, special composite processing and so on. The accuracy and efficiency of composite processing are greatly improved. The concept that a machine tool is a processing plant, one-time card loading and complete processing is being accepted by more people, and the development of compound processing machine tools is showing a diversified trend

2. There are new breakthroughs in intelligent technology. The intelligent polyvinyl chloride (PVC) door and window semicircle lock jg/t 130 ⑵ 000 of CNC machine tools can be used. New protruding metal materials break under dynamic load, which is more reflected in the performance of CNC system. For example, the functions of automatic adjustment of interference and anti-collision, automatic exit of workpiece from the safety zone after power failure, power-off protection, processing part detection and automatic compensation learning, intelligent parameter selection of high-precision processing parts, automatic elimination of machine tool vibration during processing have entered the practical stage, and intellectualization has improved the function and quality of the machine tool

3. The flexible combination of robot and host is widely used, which makes the flexible line more flexible and the function reaches 12% One step expansion, further shortening of flexible lines and higher efficiency. Flexible units and flexible production lines composed of robots and machining centers, turning and milling compound machines, grinders, gear processing machines, tool grinders, electrical processing machines, sawing machines, stamping machines, laser processing machines, water cutting machines and other forms have been applied

4. New progress has been made in precision machining technology. The machining accuracy of CNC metal cutting machine tools has been improved from the original wire level (0.01mm) to the current micron level (0.001mm), and some varieties have reached about 0.05 M. For micro cutting and grinding of ultra precision CNC machine tools, the accuracy can reach about 0.05 M stably, and the shape accuracy can reach about 0.01 M. The special machining accuracy of optical, electrical, chemical and other energy sources can reach the nanometer level (0.001 m). Through the optimization of machine tool structure design, ultra precision machining and precision assembly of machine tool parts, the adoption of high-precision full closed-loop control and dynamic error compensation technologies such as temperature 2012 and vibration, the geometric accuracy of machine tool machining is improved, and the form and position error and surface roughness are reduced, so as to enter the era of sub micron and nano ultra precision machining

5. The performance of functional components continues to improve. Functional components continue to develop in the direction of high speed, high precision, high power and intelligence, and have achieved mature applications. The promotion and application of all digital AC servo motors and driving devices, high-tech motorized spindles, torque motors, linear motors, high-performance linear rolling components, high-precision spindle units and other functional components have greatly improved the technical level of CNC machine tools

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