Development trend of the hottest crusher industry

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The trend of the future development of the crusher industry

the application field of crushing equipment is constantly expanding and applied to multiple fields, which marks that our technology is constantly innovating. At present, there is still great potential in the Chinese crusher Market, but there are not many truly viable fist products. It is up to the invention and creation of the majority of scientific researchers and manufacturers to develop a crusher that can not only solve practical problems, but also has high efficiency, so as to fill the technical gap in China and even the world

through research and observation, crusher should be the first representative of environmental protection equipment, and its development in the future will also be low consumption and environmental protection. The future development trend of the crusher industry can be roughly divided into three categories:

① improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and constantly improve and improve tire crushing equipment. The key of tire crushing technology is equipment. Therefore, we should first develop new tire crushing equipment and its corresponding grading equipment, which seems to be more urgent. Grinding aids and surfactant dispersants will be used to crush. "A BMW I3 whose body structure and frame are completely made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic has attracted many people to visit the process

② integration of equipment and process research and development. Tire crushing and grading equipment must adapt to the fluctuation of specific material characteristics and product index extrusion pressure, and the specifications and models are diversified. There is no efficient and versatile tire crushing and grading equipment for any material

③ develop fine grading equipment and other supporting equipment matching with tire crushing equipment. Its high-pressure turbine sealing device, the closed-circuit process of tire crushing and classification equipment, can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and ensure the particle size of qualified products. It can be said that large processing capacity and high-precision grading equipment is the key to the development of tire crushing technology to strengthen the source reuse of plastic waste materials. More research and development should be carried out from the perspective of the whole process system, and other auxiliary process equipment such as grading equipment and product conveying equipment should be improved, matched and perfected on the basis of the existing crushing equipment

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