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Development trend of carton enterprises (VI)

competition is everywhere. The export amount is 25.574 million US dollars

carton packaging enterprises generally have low requirements for technology and capital investment, leading to the proliferation of carton enterprises everywhere. With the aggravation of repeated investment, there are too many production lines and serious overcapacity. No matter the new competitors or the original first entrants, they will face severe market competition in this case

some enterprises in the carton industry have entered the expansion period after going through the original accumulation stage of the "golden age", which is typically manifested as: horizontal integration is mainly the scale expansion through acquisition and reorganization, while vertical integration is the extension of enterprises to the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the industry, and carton enterprises running paper mills, forestry development or paper mills running carton factories are all the manifestations of vertical integration. The scale advantage of enterprises implementing integrated expansion will pose a great threat to peer enterprises, especially for carton, which is a highly regional industry

"substitute threat theory" may be a little alarmist for the current development of the corrugated box industry. However, the development of printing and packaging products from transportation packaging to sales packaging, from high gram weight to low gram weight and high intensity is also a substitute in a certain sense. In this case, those carton factories with advanced color printing equipment and advanced production technology are far more competitive than those with obsolete equipment, and will seize their market share to a large extent

at present, the influence from the industrial chain forces corrugated boxes to be in a situation of "being attacked from both sides" and seeking survival in the cracks. "One hair touches the whole body": the price of paper is rising, and customers' requirements are becoming more and more picky; The strength of suppliers and customers occupies a strong position, squeezing carton Enterprises - many carton enterprises are also having a hard time

the way to improve competitiveness

"under siege", how to improve their competitiveness is the primary task for every carton enterprise at present. The essence of enterprise competitiveness is the ability of enterprises to effectively use production factors. Only when enterprises can use production factors better than their competitors to complete a certain work, can they have a certain competitive advantage. If an enterprise can maintain the competitive advantage of long-term and stable development in the market competition and obtain stable excess profits, it can be in an invincible position in the wave of market competition. To put it bluntly, enterprise competitiveness is to continuously provide more and better things at a lower cost, or provide more and better services at a lower cost. In addition to being stronger than others now, we should continue to be stronger than others. This is competitiveness

under the guidance of the two batons of "low cost and high quality", the carton industry should "preempt" and improve the competitiveness of enterprises

introduce advanced machinery and equipment and cutting-edge science and technology to cast product advantages. Purchasing high-end equipment with high precision, high speed and automation, its production capacity and quality are absolutely beyond the reach of backward, dilapidated and dull production equipment. Just like the ancient language: if you want to do good things, you must sharpen your tools first. Of course, with the rapid follow-up of many carton factories in the level of equipment, for some carton enterprises with the same level of equipment, the advantages are no longer prominent. The impact of launching high-capacity equipment on the industry may be greater now. This practice has formed a more intense competitive environment of "serious overcapacity", as if it could not get rid of the cycle

establish an information-based production and management system to form an operational capability of rapid response and efficient operation. At present, the carton market is dominated by buyers, and most carton packaging enterprises are in a business model of "production based on sales", rather than sales based on output. Customers have higher and faster requirements for information feedback. Carton enterprises should not only have the ability to respond quickly to information, but also have the ability to respond in time. Therefore, it is particularly important and prominent to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and establish a fast information feedback system. The vast majority of carton enterprises that have the ability to establish an information system have established an information system in recent years. How to play its role and be different and stronger than others is still a problem that carton enterprises are still thinking about when the country implements the supply side structural reform

obtain the certification of scientific management system. With the increasingly fierce competition in the corrugated box industry, users have higher requirements for the management level of carton enterprises. At the same time, the requirements of carton enterprises for their own management level have also been greatly improved. The scientific management system is being popularized in the industry. The commonly used management system in the corrugated box industry is the quality management system ls09ool, Environmental management system [S0 manufacturing technology lags behind 14001 and the occupational safety and health system 0hsa1 8001. While seizing the opportunity of certification, many enterprises strengthen the management of all aspects of enterprise quality and the improvement of facilities, which is of great help to improve their production and management level, and expand the scope of their potential customers.

equipment transformation and process improvement. After a round of new equipment became popular, transformation technology began to touch the spirit of carton enterprises By. The transformation technology can not only save money without affecting production, but also carry out equipment transformation and process improvement in combination with the needs of the carton factory. It can not only have an immediate effect on reducing the rate of defective products and improving product quality, but also "squeeze out gold" in seemingly subtle aspects such as saving raw materials and energy. At present, this measure has been one of the main directions for the carton industry to "tap the potential"

new ideas will bring new opportunities

under the major measures taken by enterprises to improve their competitiveness, some details have also become the core competitiveness of carton enterprises to improve their competitiveness and avoid homogeneous competition, such as: specializing in a professional field and making features in quickly and immediately meeting customer requirements; Win in printing quality; Win customers' hearts in box design "; develop corrugated extension products; quickly occupy the micro corrugated market... We will see that professional and unique development ideas will bring new opportunities for the development of the corrugated box industry. Let's wait and see.

case 1

cost control case of Southeast Asia carton factory

successful technical positioning

Technical positioning is a basic direction set by carton enterprises, specializing in a certain type of customers and products. Carton enterprises We should clarify our own costs and profits, and understand that different customers and different products have different conditions, and the requirements for machines are also different. In the process of market changes, it is foreseeable that carton enterprises can obtain certain profits as long as they clarify their own positioning, straighten out the internal management of the enterprise, strive for stable customers, such as a carton enterprise in Singapore, which originally produced many kinds of products, but the enterprise benefits are poor. Subsequently, the enterprise re positioned its technology, and the consumption of base paper decreased by 40%. For ordinary enterprises, the reduction of base paper consumption means that the orders of the enterprise will decline, which will make the enterprise unable to continue to survive. However, this carton enterprise not only did not face such a problem, but also obtained new opportunities for enterprise development by making small batch products, special-shaped boxes, supermarket display shelves, etc. This carton enterprise also began to produce seven layer corrugated cartons according to local conditions. Because Singapore is an important air transport base, many products are gradually packed in cartons with high strength and light weight, occupying this new field and bringing substantial profits to the company. Support the rise of small metal varieties such as antimony, titanium and tungsten; Molybdenum prices fell. Although the monthly base paper consumption of the company was reduced from 1500 tons to 800 tons, the daily production time was shortened to 8 hours/hour, and some original customers were also lost, the actual sales revenue of the company was much higher than the original. It can be seen that in the process of market change and development, as long as the market positioning is accurate, the internal management order of the enterprise is straightened out, and the enterprise has certain profits and stable customers, the enterprise can certainly seek big profits in small areas

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