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Development trend of plastic machinery industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the guiding opinions of the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the plastic industry issued this year clarify the position of the plastic processing industry in the national economy for the first time. The opinion points out that the plastic processing industry is a new manufacturing industry with plastic products processing as the core and integrating raw materials, machinery, molds and additives

plastic products are no longer dominated by simple and primary consumer goods, but have become the core supporting materials for many emerging industries. These products are not only high-grade products and difficult processing technology, but also account for an increasing proportion in the total amount of plastic products, and their processing and production have also become a major part of the plastic industry. With the acceleration of scientific and technological progress and the deepening of industrialization, its application scope is becoming wider and deeper. It is well deserved to call the plastic industry a new manufacturing industry

then, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, what will happen to the plastic machinery industry

experts believe that the development trend of China's plastic machinery is towards combined structure, specialization, serialization, standardization, compounding, miniaturization, large-scale, personalization and intelligence, while meeting the requirements of energy saving, material saving and high efficiency

high speed and high demand should allow the government, businesses, logistics enterprises, logistics platforms and consumers to "five party linkage" production. The high-speed and high-yield extruder can enable investors to obtain larger output and high returns with lower input. However, the high speed of the screw speed of the extruder also brings a series of difficulties to be overcome: for example, the reduction of the residence time of the material in the screw will lead to uneven mixing and plasticization of the material, and the excessive shearing of the material may result in the sudden temperature rise and thermal decomposition of the material if the change-over switch causes the material, and the difficulty in controlling the extrusion stability will cause the geometric size fluctuation of the extrudate. The accuracy of the relevant auxiliary devices and control systems must be improved, The increasing wear of screw and barrel requires the use of high wear-resistant and ultra-high wear-resistant materials, and the problems of how to improve the service life of reducer and bearing under the condition of high-speed operation need to be solved

efficient and multifunctional. The high efficiency of plastic extruder is mainly reflected in high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost. In terms of function, screw extruder has not only been used for extrusion molding and mixing processing of polymer materials, but also has been expanded to food, feed, electric carbon, electrode, explosives, building materials, packaging, pulp, ceramics and other fields. In addition, the "one-step extrusion process" that combines mixing granulation and extrusion molding is also worth paying attention to

large scale and precision. Realizing the large-scale extrusion equipment can reduce the production cost, which has more obvious advantages in large-scale twin-screw granulation unit, film blowing unit, pipe extrusion unit and so on. The major technical equipment required for national key construction services and the large extrusion granulation unit, one of the three key equipment supporting large-scale ethylene projects, have been imported for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the localization process to meet the needs of the development of petrochemical industry. Precision can improve the gold content of products. For example, multi-layer coextrusion composite films need precision extrusion. As an important means to realize precision extrusion?? The development and research of melt gear pump must be strengthened

modularity and specialization. "Modular" production can meet the special requirements of different users, shorten the research and development cycle of new products, and strive for greater market share; "Specialized" production can arrange fixed-point production and even global procurement of various system module components of extrusion molding equipment, which is very beneficial to ensuring the quality of the whole machine, reducing costs and accelerating capital turnover

intellectualization and networking. Modern electronic and computer control technology has been widely used in extruders in developed countries to detect the process parameters of the whole extrusion process, such as melt pressure and temperature, body temperature of each section, rotating speed of main screw and feeding screw, feeding volume, proportion of various raw materials, current and voltage of motor, and adopt microcomputer closed-loop control. Some companies have adopted remote monitoring, diagnosis and control to control the network of extrusion molding production line. This ensures the stability of process conditions and improves the prediction of products. In the later stage, the domestic pig iron market is dominated by weak consolidation, and the accuracy is extremely 11 Timken experimental machine is beneficial

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