Development trend of the hottest corrugated box

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The development trend of corrugated boxes

now the development trend of corrugated boxes is mainly reflected in three aspects:

first, to develop in the direction of heavy packaging, instead of wooden box packaging, such as 7-layer, 9-layer and high-strength corrugated board. Accordingly, carton processing machinery is also developing in the direction of large-scale. At present, there are printing slotting machines and die-cutting machines with a width of 4 meters or more abroad

second, it is developing in the direction of miniaturization and light packaging. In line with this, it is now required that the printing and decoration be more exquisite, and the corrugated type also continues to introduce new corrugated types. In order to adapt to this change, in addition to the continuous changes in the structure of the corrugated board production line, many structural adjustments have been made in the printing slotting machine, such as inking system, vacuum adsorption paperboard transmission system, surface coating ceramic. China is still in the process of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. Carbon fiber composite core wires are used in electric power The utilization of the communication industry has entered the development stage. The inking of porcelain materials cannot only consider the price factor of rollers and various shapes, and the corrugated rollers with characteristics have been successfully developed and applied

third, develop towards automation and high-speed. With the development of high-quality corrugated board and special ink, it is possible to improve the production speed. It must be the development trend of carton enterprises in China to improve the automation and intelligence level of corrugated board production, printing, die cutting and indentation cartoning production lines, wide, multi-layer, high-speed, non-stop changing specifications and adapting to multi variety and small batch production

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