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Head injury factors and protective equipment in the production process

the first batch of green manufacturing demonstration list is released, and the production process is directly connected to the head injury types in different subroutine modules

1 · object strike injury

during production, such as deep pit construction, mining, tunnel and culvert operation, construction, etc., objects, rocks, soil blocks, building materials (bricks and wood) Tools, etc. fall or throw from a height and hit the head of the personnel on site to cause injury. According to the statistics of casualty accidents in metallurgical enterprises (1983-1989), the casualties caused by object strikes accounted for 8.5% of the total number of industrial injuries, while the deaths caused by objects hitting the head accounted for 39.5%

2 · falling injury from height

in production, such as construction, installation, maintenance and climbing operations, human body falling accidents may occur. In the statistical analysis of casualty accidents, 38.9% of the deaths were caused by head injury due to falling

3. Mechanical injury

in production, such as rotating machine tools, impellers, belt transportation equipment, and high-cost workers who make otherwise weak packaging but constitute products, inadvertently involve the hair, which can cause serious damage to the hair and scalp, and even bring people into the machine to endanger their lives

4 · hair pollution (regularly replace the oil absorption filter and filter element skin) may cause chemical corrosion or biological substances in the paint, dust operation, pesticide and spraying, biological product production and other environments, which may pollute the hair and scalp

II. Classification of head protective equipment

according to the protective effect of head protective equipment, it can be divided into three categories:

1 · safety helmet

protect the head from being hit or impacted by objects

2 · protective hood

protects the head from fire, corrosive smoke, dust, and adverse weather conditions

3 · general protective cap

prevent the head and hair from being polluted by harmful substances, and prevent the head from being involved in moving machinery and equipment

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