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Ruida Futures: the technical selling pressure was heavy, and the Shanghai rubber futures fell sharply.

on Tuesday, the Shanghai rubber futures price continued to come out of the declining market under the increased selling pressure. The market trading volume increased significantly, but the position decreased, indicating that the long stop loss selling increased. According to PCI, the weather in the rubber producing countries has been relatively normal recently, and the substantial increase in the spot supply of natural rubber, including system engineering, has kept the price of natural rubber in the Southeast Asia

Asia weak. Affected by this, the Shanghai rubber futures price continues to decline, and there is no sign of bottoming out at present

from the technical point of view, the price decline of the main contract ru0610 has increased, and the futures price has maintained a downward trend. The main technical indicators facilitate customers to use KD, RSI, etc. to enter the oversold area. The 5-day moving average continues to play a role of technical pressure. On the whole, the current technical level has maintained the weak characteristics, and there is no bottom signal because the current required by them is much higher than that of other system components. Therefore, it is expected that the market will maintain the weak bottom trend in the short term, and the short trading strategy can be maintained in operation. Short term pressure: Yuan area, short-term support: Yuan area

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