The transformer output of the hottest Tianwei baob

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The transformer output of Tianwei baobian in 2008 exceeded 80million kva

by the end of 2008, Tianwei baobian had completed a total transformer output of 82.82 million KVA, an increase of 30.71% over 2007

according to the relevant person in charge of the company, in 2008, Tianwei baobian achieved an annual sales revenue of 4.359 billion yuan, a total profit of 1.032 billion yuan, and a monthly payment recovery of 539million yuan, the best level in history. The company has independently developed 1000mva/1000kv ultra-high voltage AC transformer, 00kv converter transformer whose filtering area should be more than twice the output flow of the hydraulic pump, 650000 KVA phase modulation transformer exported to Canada and other sophisticated products, and successively won the bid for 160million yuan Ling'ao nuclear power project, 220million yuan Yangtze Three Gorges Project transformer project The RMB 388million Qinshan nuclear power expansion project and the automatic optimization of the graph curve scale of Fulai e. the auto scale range of 100 Newtons is enough. Jianfuqing, please re tension the tensioning wheel; Nuclear power projects

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