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As the saying goes, "how big the boss is, how big the business is. There is no doubt that there is a problem in the business process if the business is not big." I believe that dealers who create a lot of success in their respective fields will definitely understand this truth. The current market environment is very different from the past, and the competition between stores is becoming increasingly fierce. Adopting suitable store management methods is the key to maintain steady performance growth. Sun Zhili, a dealer from Cohen Shandong Penglai, has this experience. Now let's listen to Mr. Sun's business philosophy

Mr. Sun was originally engaged in second-hand car trading. He inadvertently saw the news of the kitchen appliance industry in a certain channel. After gradually getting a little understanding of the kitchen appliance industry, he came up with the idea of joining the kitchen appliance brand. At the beginning of choosing to join Cohen, general manager sun made a field visit to some well-known brands in the kitchen electrical industry, including Cohen kitchen appliances, a professional quality manufacturing enterprise of kitchen electrical appliances. In addition to visiting the plant, production line and product process, general manager Sun also had a detailed exchange with the leaders of various enterprises. After comparison, general manager sun finally chose to join Cohen and asked the reason. General manager Sun said: Cohen's assistance policy for dealers, He was deeply attracted by his control over the details of product management

since joining Cohen in July 2013, President sun has built Cohen kitchen appliances into a local household brand with his keen market insight and heroic team building. Such rapid development is admirable. During the exchange, Mr. Sun talked about business experience: the world's martial arts, only fast can not be broken, and the market is like a battlefield, which also applies to this concept. If you want to operate well, you need to choose the right store location first, and then the store image is better. Of course, in this first condition, you need to constantly build the brand, and you need to invest a lot of advertising before operation. For store management, Mr. Sun said: a single store retail model has been unable to adapt to the current market competition; Therefore, Mr. Sun also distributes a small number of cabinets in the local township market, and also conducts regular store activities and often goes to the new community for publicity

strengthening retail channels, entering the community to promote publicity, building brand awareness and other marketing means are the key to store profits. Mr. Sun said: in the future, he will continue to follow the footsteps of Cohen company, regularly hold promotional activities, participate in alliance activities, improve product sales and enhance the local popularity of Cohen brand




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